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report for ICT systems used in personal communications

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How ICT affects personal communications 1 .Game console players Today there are more and more realistic games coming out with special effects and graphics, therefore there are more and more people demanding for more games. And so new game consoles come out regularly as the technology improves and so the new game consoles are often more expensive and more fun to play with. Recent games consoles: Benefits: The Nintendo Wii has a slim cool techno design and its games are stored on cards similar to camera SD cards, Nintendo Wii has a nunchuk cordless controller, Some have an additional online library to download games, Some game controllers contain motion sensors, Game consoles sometimes helps you become fit because of it's new technology makes you move around when playing games especially sport games, and the Sony play station 3 has a blu- ray disc which is capable of holding six times as much data than today's DVDs. Disadvantages: It is very expensive, Makes you become very addictive as most game consoles do, The DS light on the Nintendo DS can go really, really bright, which is good in the dark but in the light it can blind you and it can also make you unfit if you just sit down with the controller and play games non-stop. ...read more.


Consequences of the user not having access to ict: They'd need to work in office where the computers are plugged into electricity unlike laptop would have been wireless so could be taken wherever owner would have liked, Big computers were used taking a lot of room and space, Methods of communication would only be by post so it's a slow method of communication with suppliers and customers, All documents and letters would have to be hand written taking longer and not looking so neat, and No internet therefore have to use the old fashioned way of research which is through books and newspapers. 3.Ipod/Mp3 Users: Ipods and mp3 players are becoming more and more advandaced through the years, ipods and mp3 players are now coming out with more space, pictures are able to be viewed on it, you can watch videos and play games ipods also send podcasts. Benefits: They are small and compact so easy to cacrry around, they can view pictures on ipods and mp3 players, Ipods can tell when you're not listening to music so if you pull out the headphones from the ipod the music will pause, Some ipods offer 14 languages, Ipods and Mp3 players are quite expensive depending on the memory size, Some mp3 players and all ipods can be ...read more.


Disadvantages: It will need to be recharged quite a lot, the size and resolution of the image is generally extremely limited because of the limited data storage space, Cameras are expensive, there's a wide dynamic range it has the ability to retain detail in shadows , and some cameras take a while to save an image. How it meets their needs: They can store many pictures and videos clips due to the different sizes of memory cards which can be brought, they are small and so it's easy to carry around, it can easily upload images and video clips onto computer, also cameras can easily transfer images and video clips onto camera, they use memory card from a camera containing all images and video clips to print of pictures easily at a photo machine or photo shop and users can carry wherever you want as they are powered on batteries. Consequences of the user not having ict access: It will not be able to upload images and videos onto computer from the camera and won't be able to can transfer images and videos from computer onto camera. ?? ?? ?? ?? Roza Zobedey Form 10L ...read more.

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