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Show How Developments In New Media Technology Have Influenced Lifestyles.

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Show how developments in new media technology have influenced lifestyles. Technology is seen by many as a panacea, it is seen as a cure for all ills, a solution. In some cases, this may be so. Technology has brought many benefits to our lives but also many faults and problems. For example, Steven Hawking, someone who's life was quite normal, until about 30, then due to illness, he would of become what we call a "human vegetable" if it weren't for modern technology, allowing him to express his views and emotions, basically live through a computer. Steven relies solely on the computer to express his opinions and communicate with the rest of the world. Many parents are worried that children may be loosing out on essential relationship building skills, this is partially due to the increase of technology in our day-to-day lives. For example, within the family, in the old days around a century ago, evenings would be spent, with the whole family in one room, maybe around a piano, or table, talking and singing together, basically building up the family bond by sharing special time. ...read more.


Excessive use of TV's and computers can be the cause of lack of exercise resulting in obesity and illnesses such as deep vain thrombosis, which is prominently in the news of late. The truth is, with the way technology is heading, we need to be asking ourselves, how long will we physically need our bodies for? We need to adapt the capabilities of technology, rather than let it take over our life. We have become dependant upon technology, a fine example of this is a cut in electricity can cause chaos for a company, it wont run. Already researchers for companies such as Microsoft, are looking at finding ways to converging everything into one mobile handset to control everything, known as "3G", the remote control for life. For example; TV; toaster; mobile phone; watch; calculator; games console; internet; telephone etc, the list is endless. The question to be asked, is who actually wants, or needs them? It wont be long before we can do everything from the comfort of our armchair. To an extent, this is already possible, we have internet banking, internet shopping, infact, it would be possible to live life in your home and never have reason to leave nowadays. ...read more.


This will not illuminate the root of the problem, being that the Internet is a target for perverts and paedophiles. Due to the increase of travel technology, the people of today lack roots, years back, one family would live in the same road or town, all their lives, but now people are moving out and away as soon as possible to find a better place, with more opportunities, this was made possible by technology! This emphasises the fact that families are being fragmented, the distance makes it awkward for families to get back to see each other often, this forms a gap in what may in the past of been a close family. We idealise how things were in the past, everything is seen as being better then; in the beginning, consequences of the progression in technology weren't given a thought, and people got carried away in the excitement. Now we are feeling the consequences, people are feeling concerned, yet it is too late, we cannot un-invent things. Evolution is escalating at a rapid rate, but up until now we have been passive victims, now we are active in evolution itself. It can only be concluded that technology is neutral. Technology is neither good, or bad, its how we use it that decides. ...read more.

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