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University Degree: Television & Radio Studies

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  1. A rhetorical look at "Television The Plug In Drug" by Marie Winn

    She continues to build upon her ethos with the types of people she chooses to quote. Winn is writing to an audience of mothers, fathers, and parental figures, she uses quotes and statements from every type of person this audience would look to as peers or someone of high reputes. If you were to read an article written by your child's teacher telling you something you would probably not question much due to the fact that you have already have a rapport with this person.

    • Word count: 982
  2. Compare and Contrast Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe

    Teenage females have a desire to buy more and pay less. Price is one of the most important factors in purchasing clothes. Charlotte Russe fits this criterion. According to Alex Biesada from Hoovers, a D&B company, "[Charlotte Russe is] priced 20% to 30% lower than competitors." Charlotte Russe has lower prices maybe because it recently entered the business market in 1999, where as Forever 21 was found in 1984. On the other hand, Forever 21's clothes are priced 2% lower than its twelve competitors. Both stores have items that are reasonably priced, but price is not everything; variety is another important factor.

    • Word count: 559
  3. Background to the history of radio

    Later on in 1899 Marconi twins made the first wireless transmission over the channel from Wimereux to Dover. Over the next ten year this idea had begun to grow. After various other inventions were formulated and parts refined this lead to the first radio program being transmitted .On Jan 13 1910 the first broadcast took place from the Metropolitan Opera house in New York city was heard 20 km away on a ship at sea.

    • Word count: 513
  4. 'Feminism is the Dominant Ideology in British Soaps'. - case study of Eastenders.

    * Are the individual characters a fair representation of you and me, your parents, your friends, your neighbours? and * Do the writers give a fair view on society's attitudes to race, class and gender? There is little doubt that they write, on one hand, for the ratings. Plots need sensationalism through emotional issues, family and friends relationships and trendy issues of the day. But.. On the other hand, do they have a sub plot? Are writers subversively indoctrinating audiences with their own political and ideological ideas? * Quote: ..Soap....as emphasizing traditional associations between women and emotions is a significant link to the notion that soap operas are primarily a woman's genre [Geraghty 2000] Christine Geraghty is a

    • Word count: 929
  5. Media Ownership.

    Large media conglomerates continue to grow in size as well as power. The anti-trust laws that exist in the Unites States aim to prevent national monopolies, however most media monopolies are localized. Gannett controls less than ten percent of the United States daily newspaper circulation, however practically all of Gannett's papers are monopolies because they are the only paper in their town. Gannett owns more than ninety daily papers and forty non-dailies. (Campbell, page 470). This may preclude the consumer's availability of differing opinions other than those Gannett chooses to provide. By 2001, thirteen newspaper chains existed and they acquired one-half of all the nation's daily newspapers (Campbell, page 290).

    • Word count: 709
  6. That's 876.49 for your free holiday, please! - Watchdog

    The particular episode that I chose also contains the above elements. I chose to talk about the "free" holiday- extract of the programme from 13th November 2002. Watchdog had received many complaints from the viewers across the country about a 'free holiday', offered by a timeshare company. The Watchdog crew looked into the matter more closely... they interviewed the three families that received the same offer. One family didn't even stay until the end of the presentation, after they found out that they were not entitled to a 'free' holiday, unless they bought a timeshare at the cost of �8000, which there was no way they could afford.

    • Word count: 632
  7. Big Brother is less interesting the epitome of boredom.

    But Big Brother indulges and seems to project a glorified version of voyeurism. Views can avoid all semblance of having a life and spend their time watching someone else do it for them. I may be missing the point but surely the whole idea of watching the television is to escape reality not to relive it nightly after having lived and worked throughout the day. Personally I don't watch television because I want to watch real people doing real things.

    • Word count: 929
  8. Reality television

    The Big Brother production team always warn the contestants of what might happen after they leave the house, and how it will affect them. They do not have any control over the media and what their views are on the contestants. The Media imply that the companies of these particular shows use the contestants are warned several times about the shows disadvantages before hand. Big Brother establishes authority over the contestants by controlling their actions by issuing rules, which must be obeyed or they will be forced to leave the Big Brother game.

    • Word count: 762
  9. The Media to give the Dictionary definition is "A Generic term used to indicate systems or vehicles used for the transmission of information and entertainment such as Television, Radio, Videotape, Newspapers and Magazines, Hoardings etc.

    The list is endless. In defining the Media today it is hard not to talk of the Mass Media. This is due in part to the technological advances in Computers in general and the Internet in particular that has taken place over the last ten years or so, in which nearly any Media announcement can be broadcast to a very large audience. In this time the real changes seen to have taken place is in the way that we receive this information. The development of the computer and Digital technology is responsible for, among many other things, the speed and quality of information.

    • Word count: 764
  10. Is Television Doing Irreparable Harm?

    Easy enough to find many people watching TV for several hours every day. Some people even turn it on seven o'clock in the morning and don't leave it until midnight, which is not only harmful to their health but also affect their work and study. Some people are glued to their TV sets and become so immersed in TV that they fail to communicate with people around them. This certainly helps cause generation gaps, divorce and other social problems. For anther thing, what the author warned us against is that children can be adversely affected by constantly watching TV.

    • Word count: 647
  11. The Early Years Of The Television Industry In Singapore

    Regular transmissions began two months later on a four-hour programme channel, Channel 5, on April 2, 1963 and a second broadcast channel began operation in November 1963. At that time, Singapore had become part of Malaysia and hence its broadcasting service was merged with the Malaysian broadcasting service. Colour TV test transmissions started in May 1974. The unresponsiveness to colour TV changed when the TV station announced that its first 'live' colour telecast via satellite would be the World Cup Soccer Finals between West Germany and Holland on 7 Jul 1974 at 10.30pm.

    • Word count: 640
  12. Televangelism in the USA

    Combing the two words means spreading the teachings of Jesus Christ throughout the globe. An evangelical preacher marked the first television outreach in the year 1954. Televangelism, as it became, led to the existence of an ?electronic church? that allowed religious devotes and it allowed curious viewers to receive sermons while sitting in their living rooms. Popular televangelists include Pat Robertson, Oral Roberts, (founder of the Christian Broadcasting Network), and Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker (Fore, 1981). Dedicated to the conversion of non evangelist?s televangelists Jerry Falwell and Jimmy Swaggart used their airtime to warn viewers of the evils of American society.

    • Word count: 973
  13. Changing Images of Black Americans in US Television since the 1950s.

    . but they could not be trusted with the social and civic responsibilities of full citizenship as equals with whites? (Franz & Smulyan, 2012). This concept is what carried over into the beginnings of television and was quite acceptable at that time. ?Black characters who populated the television world of the 1950s were happy-go-lucky social incompetents who knew their place and who antics served to amuse and comfort culturally sanctioned notions of whiteness, especially white superiority and paternalism? (Franz & Smulyan, 2012). This statement sums up the image of Black America during the 1950's and 1960's on television.

    • Word count: 653

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