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University Degree: Television & Radio Studies

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  1. Advertisements are present everywhere.

    Their controversial ads are notorious for the shock value they exhibit. People sometimes cannot believe that a certain advertisement is actually aimed at selling clothes. This "shock value" technique has recently been the new trend in 20th century advertising culture. It is a clever tactic that has recently been employed by various companies, agencies, and institutions throughout the world. "Pressure groups, charities and even governments have employed graphic imagery and blunt slogans to highlight everything from animal cruelty to the dangers of drink-driving.

    • Word count: 2189
  2. An analysis of how television viewing has changed over the last two decades in terms of the frequency of viewing, the nature of the programs view, the viewing times through the day and the number of hours spent on viewing.

    However, the frequency of the TV viewing did not have any radically increase during that time. This is because of the TV channels does not have variables choice of program that can attract the audience attention. The frequency of the viewing had increase since the multi-channel service offer by the ITV and BBC during 1990-2000. The frequency of viewing had slightly increased from the beginning. This situation had attracted the new entrance of this industry. Besides the two main TV broadcasting, there are some new entrance competitors who also offer the same type of service such as Sky TV, TIVO etc.

    • Word count: 2335
  3. The insurgence of reality television (TV) into everyday life has left us increasingly asking what is real.

    However, as Johnson Woods points out "Big Brother is more than a documentary with soap tendencies; closer examination reveals the influence of talk shows, game shows and even sitcoms" (2002: p58) For the purpose of these essay, I will be exploring Big Brother as a combination of all these genres. Adorno argues that the culture consumed by the masses is imposed from above - churned out by the culture industry (1991: p86). By applying Adorno's argument to Big Brother, we can see the 'reality effects' that both the themes of the program and the personal qualities of the participants have had on the Australian public.

    • Word count: 2177
  4. Active audiences have a mind of their own and they inject their own meanings into media messages that they receive via different mediums.

    Audiences are therefore not 'sponges' who simply absorb media messages just are they are intended but they are active in the way that they interpret media messages. An active audience is also one that has the freedom of choice. They are active in the way that they select media and media content. They make choices by choosing programmes and channels that they want to watch, the radio stations that they want to listen to or even the type of newspaper that they want to read.

    • Word count: 2306
  5. Analytical Viewing Log - My viewing log is based on the programming for Monday 11th March on BBC1 and ITV1 between 17:00 and 00:00.

    The shift in expected audience is shown in the advertisements in the middle of Airline. They include adverts for nicotine patches - a definite adult product. The BBC on the other hand decide to hang on to their young audience for another half hour showing Blue Peter and Newsround until 17:30. This may be because of ITV's decision to stop children's programming at 17:00. Another possible explanation is the BBC's obligation to provide a set amount of programming for younger audiences. There is also the fact that Blue Peter slot of 17:00 is 'traditional' for it's entire history it has occupied this slot, which could effect ITV's decision not to go into direct competition with it by choosing a different target audience.

    • Word count: 2026
  6. Can there be a sociology of popular television?

    The history of television from the post-war era (broadcasting ceased between 1939 and 1946 for national security reasons) is of interest, as it can be understood by the approaches to its study, rather than its overall distribution or consumption. As with many theorists, Srinati (2000) looks at the distinction between the 'effects' and 'uses & gratifications' approaches to understanding television's function. The advent of television brought about initial reactions in the 1940s that grew from seeds of cynicism towards the 'effects' it was having on the largely unsuspecting audience. After correctly equating it with the mass culture theory of popular television, Srinati succinctly describes this approach as the idea that: 'T.V.

    • Word count: 2555
  7. Construct a defence for Public service broadcasting based on its role in Reflecting national identity. What Drawbacks does this approach to public service broadcasting have?

    " included in those recommendations was the creation of a public corporation which would serve as a trustee for the national interest in broadcasting. It was expected that as a public, the corporation would emphasize serious, educational and cultural programming that would elevate the level of intellectual and aesthetic tastes of the audience." (R.K. Avery). The eight guidelines that they constructed to be functions for the BBC were as follows: 1. Universal availability 2. Universal appeal 3. Provision for minorities, the disadvantaged by physically or socially 4. Serving the public sphere 5. Commitment to the education of the public 6.

    • Word count: 2684
  8. Research the historical development and social uses of a communication technology of your choice. Analyse the relationship between social/cultural contexts and technical inventions in the way it has developed and come to be used.

    14). Many experimental telecasts took place in the late 1920s and 1930s. British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) of Britain and Central Broadcasting Station (CBS) and National Broadcasting Company (NBC) of US were leaders in the experimental telecasts. After experiments in the early 1930s with the mechanical and electronic versions of television as used in John Logie Baird's system where a device was used for transmitting pictures by electric wires, the BBC went on air in 1936 (Burton, 2000, p. 268). The BBC started out as a collection of wireless manufacturers who banded together in 1922 to form the British Broadcasting Company initially.

    • Word count: 2251
  9. Why are soap operas considered to be "feminine narrative forms"? Explain using two soap operas in your response.

    Despite the rise in unemployment which has put men into the daytime audience of television, women still view more TV than men in the daytime, therefore schedules on ITV have been constructed with a female audience in mind. (Stoessl, in boxed in 1987) In order for soap operas to be successful, they require a large and loyal audience. Despite the statistics that prove that a substantial amount of men watch them as do a high proportion of teenagers, because of their appeal to include situations they are normally excluded from.

    • Word count: 2380
  10. To Fall or Rise: How Public Service Broadcasting Influence the TV Industry in the UK

    Definition of the concept of public service broadcasting. Public service broadcasting is the style of broadcasting established by Lord Reith, the first Director General of the British Broadcasting Corporation. Its mission is to "inform, educate and entertain". Some people argued that there is no standard definition of what public service broadcasting is exactly, although a number of official bodies have attempted to pick out the key characteristics. According to the Broadcasting Research Unit, there are eight principles: (1) geographic universality-everyone should have access to the same services (2) catering for all interests and tastes (3) catering for minorities (4)

    • Word count: 2519
  11. The Effects of Public, Private, and Hybrid Systems of Broadcasting on Democratic Debate

    However, one view claims that democratic debate can only thrive in a public system of broadcasting, while the other favours a private system governed by free market forces, and both tend to see the differences between public and private broadcasting "in black and white terms (Taras 128). The private US broadcasting system and the public British system offer some insight into the validity of these arguments. A third perspective would argue that control over broadcasting is too important to democracy to be left solely in the hands of either the state or corporate and commercial interests (Browne 379).

    • Word count: 2638
  12. Disney and the BBC - Media institutions often determine what way the audience interprets the meaning.

    Miramax is best known for producing films like Quentin Tarantino's 2003 gore fest 'Kill Bill'. Disney's family values mean that films like 'Kill Bill' would never be made with an attachment for Disney. It makes good business sense to keep their distance from such movies even though they are directly responsible for them. The sense of familiarity that people have with Disney's values mean that Disney corporation could never bring all their interest in under one Disney banner. One of the main reasons Michael Eisner lost his job to George Mitchell as the head of Disney is that people within the firm felt that too much diversification had taken place and that Disney's place in the heart of the families was at stake if it continued.

    • Word count: 2116

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