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The Impacts of The New Media Development on College Students Reading Habits

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________________ The Impacts of ________________ The Impacts of The New Media Development on College Students? Reading Habits Yining Zhou Journalism School of Renmin University Beijing,100872 October 2011 ________________ Abstract This paper reveals the existence of changing reading habits of present college students in China, as a result of high speed new media development. This study indicates that the college students adjust their reading manners according to different information media and atmosphere. The analysis of these changes suggests that new media has great impact on college students? reading including both some efficient ways to get acknowledged and less patience to think deeply and memorize useful details. The research is to show the effects of Web 3.0 Times and the comparison between Chinese undergraduates? reading habits past and present through some interview, surveys and material research. Table of Contents Abstract Table of Contents Introduction Thesis Statement Approach Preliminary results and Discussion Work Plan Implications of research References Introduction The improvement of new media and the growing collection of digital documents have had a profound impact on reading. It was argued that the development of digital libraries ?is participating a general societal trend toward shallower, more fragmented, and less concentrated reading? (Levy,1997) ...read more.


Why? 3. What type of articles you would like to read them on the internet or other new media? 4. What do you think of the great changes with the development of new media? The interviewee will be selected randomly in five different universities in Beijing. Three students from each university will guarantee the sample of the answers are universal. The research tries to investigate how college students? reading behavior has changed over the past three years by self-reported measures of their overall reading experience (including work-related reading and pleasure reading).Since this study is dependent on participants having an accurate recollection of their overall reading habits over the past three years, careful attention was paid to the adequacy of long-term memories in the design of survey questions and answering scales. It seems unrealistic to ask people to report detailed changes: however, it is feasible to ask people to report general changes (e.g. increasing, decreasing, no change). If participants do not remember, they can select the ?don?t know? category. A pilot study of over 20 individuals was conducted in the spring of 2010 to pre-test the survey questions. The pilot study also confirms the above assumption. Final questions of this study were developed based on the pilot study as well as on other related studies. ...read more.


But in return, they wasted much more time surfing the internet and just looking around. As the passages on the net are shorter than on the books before, they also felt more difficult to concentrate on what they were reading for a long time. These answers could indicate that though it makes us more convenience to get to the news and information, it also costs us more attention to unnecessary clips of material. Work Plan Context Time Person Write Proposal and Collect materials Oct.1st?Oct.15th Yining Do the interview Oct.16th?Nov.30th Yining and 15 interviewee Do the Survey (net) Dec.1st?Dec.20th Yining Do the Survey Dec.20th?Jan.8th Yining Recheck the results Jan.9th?Jan.15th Yining and assistants Analyze the data Jan.16th?Jan.30th Yining Write the research report Feb.1st?Feb.15th Yining Implications of research Most data in this study are taken from the Chinese college students? experience. It is generally believed that global reverberations from the impact of digital media on reading will be felt in the young first. However, it is difficult to know what is unique about the college student?s experience when analyzing the impact of digital media on reading behavior in other ages. Nevertheless, an analysis of relevant indicators would provide a sensitive yardstick for anticipating reading behavior with the development of new media. Future research can also extend the findings of this study by investigating similar research problems in different ages. ...read more.

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