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The project consists of designing a software application that can be used by customers of a motorcycle company that is based in Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

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Contents Contents 1 Introduction 3 Introduction 4 Company Requirements 5 Action Plan 6 Research 7 Research 8 On Line ordering Research 9 Advantages 9 The Barbour Report 2001 10 The Barbour Report 2001 11 Research 12 Research 13 Research 14 Research 15 Research 16 Research 17 Research 18 User Guide and screen shots of Application 19 User guide 20 User guide 21 User guide 22 User guide 23 User guide 24 User guide 25 User guide 26 User guide 27 User guide 28 User guide 29 User guide 30 User guide 31 User guide 32 User guide 33 User guide 34 User guide 35 Evaluation 36 References 37 Bibliography 38 Appendix 39 Technical Guide 40 E-mail sent 41 E Mail received 42 Minutes of Meetings 43 Minutes of Meetings 44 Minutes of Meetings 45 Minutes of Meetings 46 Minutes of Meetings 47 Minutes of Meetings 48 Testing Log 49 Introduction This project is part of a HND Business and IT course that has been carried out at Wakefield College. The project consists of designing a software application that can be used by customers of a motorcycle company that is based in Barnsley, South Yorkshire. This software can be used by requesting / collecting a CD from the company. The type of application that has been chosen is a multimedia-orientated design that includes a catalogue of the company's products and services. This design follows on from the project from year one in the HND BIT course. This project was a web site that was designed using Microsoft Front Page and was published on the web for the same company. The multimedia application has been designed using Illuminatus 4.5. This software is on the College computers at Wakefield College. This software is used for designing and developing multimedia applications, such as web page design and bootable applications. The designed application contains 20 pages of videos, text, tables, pictures and moving pictures. ...read more.


years have passed more and more builders have decided to try out the process and have been pleased with what they have found." 23/3/2003, unattributed, www.Masterbuilder.asp. Anyone who has logged onto www.travisperkins.co.uk will find the company's full range of 150,000 products available for purchase, and delivery, at a specified time and place. Some of the products carry additional information and health and safety precautions and some also include a colour photograph. Advantages Using the Internet has many advantages. It is a facility that never sleeps and can be used 24 hours a day. Many builders take advantage of long summer days to get in extra work during the evening. If a workman runs out of a particular product after 5pm, or at the weekend, they then have to wait until the next working day before they can make the order. The Internet eliminates this and allows ordering to be done there and then. Technology is progressing at an alarming rate with many mobile phone companies now including internet access on their top-of-the-range products. Jason Peters, FMB On-line project web designer at the FMB, believes the internet is the way forward: "Ordering products on-line will definitely have a big part to play for the small to medium sized builders the FMB represents. With the availability of lap tops and the new breed of mobile phones within ten years I predict that most on-site product ordering will be done through the internet." 22/3/2003, unattributed, www.masterbuilder.asp Most businesses today that have a web site need to think very seriously about having on-line ordering (being able to offer your potential customers the facility to order their products over the Internet) through their web site. It is predicted that within three years, companies that do not have this facility will be very badly affected with regards to achieving their sales targets. One company named ADROIT UK have put together a very comprehensive e-commerce package that allows companies with a web site to sell their products on-line. ...read more.


This can be exited by clicking on the close button marked X at the top right hand side of the web page. The user is then directed back to the publication. Evaluation The finished publication is a professional effective media for displaying the company's services and products on offer. The layout of the application and colour scheme is clear and easy on the users eye, creating an attractive backdrop, whilst not distracting the users main focus from the information displayed. The use of the pictures show the exact product on offer, which allows the user to select the correct product that they require. The pictures used in the application are clear and effective. The videos in the application are used to their best effect by having the minimum of playtime, and displays the relevant series of events. This part of the application has exceeded the expectations of the design brief by having quality clips that are entertaining and amusing. These are of no benefit to the company, as they are intended to be humorous. This part of the project was time consuming, as the videos would not copy correctly on to the CD for publishing. Many different solutions to alleviate this were tried. Such as saving the video clips to different files within the C drive on the computer and using a media player that contained the video clip The navigation of the application is easy to use and has been tested thoroughly to prove this. The design of this part of the application was on of the hardest, as the sequence needed to assign the link buttons was monotonous. This however did not affect the outcome. The number of pictures used could have been more. This can be increased in the future when more time is available. Future developments of the application will include the following; * A technical guide to motorcycle maintenance * A contact number (premium rate) for advice on problems / maintenance. * A page containing pictures of sponsored riders. * A page containing results at events. ...read more.

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