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The Truman Show Essay

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The Truman Show Essay Truman Burbank (Jim Carrey) is the star of the most popular show in television history. For 10,909 days, it has been on air using over 5000 cameras to show every moment in every day life of one man, Truman. The public audience love every minute of it. There are Truman addicts who go to sleep with the television sets on and have television installed in their bathrooms so they don't miss anything when they're taking a bath. Every individual in the Truman show is an actor with one important exception: the lead character himself. For, while everyone around Truman is playing a part, he is cheerfully ignorant about the truth. He thinks this is all real, and his obliviousness to the situation gives the programme its core appeal- that there's nothing counterfeit about Truman. One day, a former cast member sneak's bank on to the set with a warning for the star, Truman begins to suspect that appearances can be deceiving. ...read more.


At the start there is a slow zooming in shot, on Truman which ends up with a close up, through the mirror to hide the fact that he is being filmed. There seemed to be lots of close-ups and medium close-ups shots in the film, because Truman is always standing to a camera when being filmed. There are loads of types of different shots ranging from very long shots to moving subject walks into the street because the camera's are always on cue to work because they never know where Truman will go in his own time. The film is absolutely unpredictable and amazingly jaw-dropping. Truman has a very sparky personality, but the lyrics of his life are written out for him because Christof the "Control Freak" is monitoring him and designs the events in Truman's life. His interest in magazines is bizarre because they are women's magazines. Truman is determined to find his first and true love. This is ironic because the audience of the show know what he is feeling as where he thinks its personal and private emotion what he is feeling and doesn't know that anybody else knows his feelings. ...read more.


The things that go wrong are at the start, a light falls out of the sky. Truman's dad sneaks back on to the show and gives Truman a warning. Later as the film moves on, when he comes slightly more suspicious he notices thing are set in a particular cycle. One instance that starts his suspicion is when he intercepts the crew on his car radio, but cleverly Christof quickly covers up his bad mistake by getting the radio presenters to say that they got caught up in a police signal. Finally when we see the audience of the show, the film comes together and explains itself. This is because before we saw the audience, the film didn't really make sense because I knew he was being filmed but there was know reason for it until we saw the audience keenly attracted to the show. If I had to describe this film, I would describe it as a comedy/Drama, because the film is Jam-packed with thrilling and nail biting comedy and drama. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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