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TV Violence.

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TV Violence Research paper by Konstantinos Tachtsidis Elements of Broadcasting Instructor: Mrs. Lambrou Date: 5/4/2001 "Any act that involves physical or psychological force, with or without a weapon, resulting in, or significantly increasing the likelihood of death or injury to another person can be defined as violence". One of the most controversial issues over the past years in modern society has been the effect of television violence on viewers. Although the issue of TV violence has received great attention, some aspects of it remain unexamined and unverified. According to researches we don't know for sure if violence in media causes violent behavior on viewers, but it certainly has some effects. The suggestion that media influence and promote violence starts the discussion but it doesn't end it because we then have issues of censorship and artistic expression as an opposite point of view. The social group which is most affected by television violence is children. " Extensive viewing of television violence by children causes greater aggressiveness. Sometimes, watching a single violent program can increase aggressiveness. Children who view shows in which violence is very realistic, frequently repeated or unpunished, are more likely to imitate what they see. ...read more.


The TV programs that have the most "realistic" approach to violence are the news programs. " Violence dominates television news and entertainment, particularly what we call "happy violence" -cool, swift, painless and always leading to a happy ending in order to deliver the audience to the next commercial message in a receptive mood". (www.media-awareness.ca/eng/issues/violence/resource/articles/gerbner.htm) There are many people who claim that the persistence of television news on violence and crime will have a negative effect in our society. It is a fact that television aims to impress the viewer by taking these elements of the news which can bring out the viewer's feelings. In this way TV news give only one dimension of the fact and lead the audience with the power of the image. "A news program should be focused on the facts with perhaps some objective analysis. However, for business purposes, TV news broadcasts use dramatic, usually violent stories and images to capture and maintain an audience, under the pretence of keeping it informed. What we see and hear in the news affects us both consciously and subconsciously, and sends us about our lives unnecessarily fearing the remote dangers that we see excessively portrayed on the evening news." ...read more.


I think there's been a very negative effect by being shamed over the head with violence." (www.minet.uni-jena.de/vicay/ridley.html) From the psychological side, we may be relieved by violence on a film because we are so afraid of it in life. We can sit in front of television and enjoy the scene from a distance and when the movie ends we go back to safety. If we perceive a film content as a representation of reality we can understand that it is very logical for the film to have violent scenes. This vicious circle of violence (from society to film representation and the opposite) creates confusion in the study and the battle against violence. Of course there are a lot of film genres that doesn't depict reality such as science fiction films, these films have indeed an enormous impact in children and sometimes they identify themselves to the heroes of these films who can be violent. Violence exists through centuries and it's not the television that invented it, but the images and the behavior of violence have become more accessible to us by the electronic mediums. Violence can be seen through various aspects, but the violence in the media has a lot to do with the way that people can act in society. ...read more.

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