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What are the strengths and weaknesses of the five main advertising media? Explain why Internet advertising differs from the other advertising media.

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University of East London CC1701 An Introduction to Advertising Industry SEMESTER A 2010-2011 Course Work 1: What are the strengths and weaknesses of the five main advertising media? Explain why Internet advertising differs from the other advertising media. Student No. 0938193 Word Count: 1545 There are the four major groups involved in the advertising industry, advertisers which also known as clients, advertising agencies, suppliers and media. Moreover, in the modern world, there are five main advertising media, print, television, radio, cinema and outdoor. Internet advertising or online advertising is another important advertising media which existed at the end of 20th century; it is differ from the other five main advertising media by its specificity. Therefore, this essay is going to discuss the positive points and negative points of the five main advertising media in the first part, and explain the special case of internet advertising in the second part. Firstly, this essay is going to analyse the strengths and weaknesses of the five main advertising media of print, television, radio, cinema and outdoor respectively. MacRury argued that print or press can be considered as the first advertising medium in the modern world. (2009, p: 91) Newspapers and magazines can be regarded as the most common two advertising media of print. ...read more.


argued by MacRury (2009, p: 101) in his book Advertising. Radio advertising has some similar strengths with print advertising. They both have low cost and their readers or audiences are both well-segmented. The print advertising has the advantage of quality reproduction while the radio advertising has the strength of high frequency as both of them have low costs. In addition, as most of the radio stations usually cover one area, radio advertising also has the strengths of local coverage and usually placing a short period of time. Nevertheless, the weaknesses of radio advertising is very significant, it is audio only, all the information audiences received is based on their imagination as they can not see the images directly. It usually get lower attentions from the audiences as people usually doing something else while they listening to the radio. The information people can get from the radio is also very limited as they advertisement on the radio usually can not last for too long. Similar with TV advertising, radio advertising can also cause some clutter problems. Therefore, the strengths of radio advertising can be concluded as local coverage, low cost, high frequency, well-segmented loyal audience and short placing time while the weaknesses of radio advertising can be concluded as it only have audio, low getting attention, fleeting messages and clutter issues. ...read more.


(MacRury, 2009, p: 78) Everything else is classified as "below the line", no matter however much it resembles advertising, in style or in intention. (MacRury, 2009, p: 103) As Internet advertising can emerge in both of the situations of "below the line" and "above the line". It can be considered as "through the line" as it is in the middle of "above the line" and "below the line". As audiences who surfing the internet usually searching for information which is valuable for them. Thus, internet advertising must exist with that information. This can be considered as another feature and also a difference between other advertising media. Another feature of internet advertising is its bidirectional. Audiences who search the internet can choose to click on some advertisements or not. However, some adverting agencies use some technology to force the audiences see some advertisements although they did not click and want to see them. These advertisements might be considered as antipathies by the audiences, but the adverting agencies reached their aims of advertise their advertisement. Therefore, internet advertising differs from other advertising media as it is "through the line", must exist with some valuable information for the audiences and its bidirectional. In conclusion, the five main advertising media all have their own strengths and weaknesses. Internet advertising differs from the others as it has its own features which discussed in the second part of this essay. ...read more.

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