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To Vaccinate or not to Vaccinate?

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To Vaccinate or not to Vaccinate? We are assured everyday that vaccines are safe and effective by health authorities and the government, however this practice and protocol is constantly being challenged by reliable sources like government statistics, medical studies, the FDA and CDC; and this vital information is never presented to the public. In this paper we will explore how these vaccines can not only be ineffective but can also be potential health hazards to infants. Hundreds of years ago children received only one vaccine but today they receive as many as eleven vaccines by the age of two. The health authorities say that the reason for this is that the neonatal immune system is "naïve" to foreign antigens at birth and vaccination therefore becomes crucial. ...read more.


Contradictory to the popular belief that vaccination improves ones immune responses; after tetanus vaccination in infants there was an immune depleting effect indicated by the drop in T-cells and an increase in HIV viral replication in many studies. Neonates develop active humoral and cellular immune responses to face numerous environmental challenges since it will be exposed to many new microorganisms and therefore the natural immune system is not efficient enough to deal with these new foreign microorganisms. It is widely known that the body has its own effective defense mechanism against foreign invaders consisting of the physical barriers (skin, urine, etc.) and macrophage system and fever. A common misconception is that vaccinations are the main reason for low disease rates in North America today because according to the British Association for the Advancement of Science, diseases decreased by ...read more.


However more research is needed to prove this and it should be remembered that pharmaceutical companies, which have a huge impact on the outcome of the study, fund vaccine studies and therefore it its best to take this information with a grain of salt. Other vital information is also kept from the public like temporary immunosupression, long term immune and neurological disorders, the fact that chemicals in a vaccine can cause side effects due to presence of mercury, aluminum, selenium, etc; storage of vaccines can cause loss of viability, side effects of vaccines, lack of long-term effects since immunology is a relatively new field and if new diseases are replacing newer ones that never existed before. Therefore in conclusion we can state that artificial immunity is far from duplicating immunity received from natural exposure. Natural exposure along with nutrition, exercise and structural integrity of the human frame can maximize the body's innate healing power. ...read more.

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