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Wounds, Autopsies and Mysteries

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Wounds, Autopsies and Mysteries In all forms of gun related death the crucial evidence comes from ballistics. The amount of shots fired and the number of gunmen, the path of the bullets and which of the wounds was the fatal shot. There was plenty of evidence available with the JFK shooting to help equate the answers to these questions but it was poorly handled. This means that to this day the truth can, probably, never be known. During the motorcade, Governor Connally heard the first shot, then was hit about two seconds later. ...read more.


Then, when the body reached Washington for the Autopsy, it was in a grey casket, not very good quality and the presidents body was wrapped differently. The body was in a grey body bag and the brain of the president was missing. The president's body was "hijacked" on the way to Washington. If the brain was still in the president's body, some trace of metal could be found, and the make of bullet could be deciphered from this. Again, as a lot of evidence has done in this case, the brain disappeared. ...read more.


They found that the rear occipital part of the brain was missing and said that this was the part that was hit by the bullet. However, the doctors at Parkland Hospital claim that the shot hit the head above the ear. The evidence, at this moment does not really point to anything, as everyone is saying something different. The bullet holes are very unexplainable, because they are moving all over the president's body according to the evidence given by the Parkland Hospital and the Autopsy as they both tell a different story of where the holes are. A bullet was found in the president's body, but this was later given to the FBI and was never seen again. ...read more.

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