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Wounds, Autopsies and Mysteries

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  • Essay length: 449 words
  • Submitted: 18/08/2003
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University Degree Behavioural Science

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Wounds, Autopsies and Mysteries

In all forms of gun related death the crucial evidence comes from ballistics. The amount of shots fired and the number of gunmen, the path of the bullets and which of the wounds was the fatal shot. There was plenty of evidence available with the JFK shooting to help equate the answers to these questions but it was poorly handled. This means that to this day the truth can, probably, never be known.

During the motorcade, Governor Connally heard the first shot, then was hit about two seconds later. The Parkland doctors confirmed the bullet that hit Connally still in his left thigh.

The president was first hit at the back of his neck, and then the second bullet hit his head from the back. The Parkland Doctor Perry said the shot was at the lower portion of the neck and was an entry wound.

The president's body, at Parkland Hospital wrapped in a sheet and placed in a bronze casket, one of the most expensive that Parkland Hospital had. Then, when the body reached Washington for the Autopsy, it was in a grey casket, not

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