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Ad Analysis Essay

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Bobby Meyers College Writing Section 17 Analysis Final Draft November 25th, 2008 A "Lush" for Something New The purpose of an advertisement is simple: to deliver a message to consumers. However, when consumers pass billboards on the highway, or flip through a magazine clustered with pictures, what kind of strategies do advertisement agencies employ to stick out from the crowd? Although the 5 Gum company possess infinite plans on how it would like to effectively reach consumers, the four factors present in the chosen ad that influence clients the most are: the colors to provoke emotions, the images that catch eyes, a little spice of comedy, and the simplicity of the ad. Magazines are capable of taking readers through many environments; often in an abrupt manner. A customer that recently purchased the newest Cosmopolitan magazine can go from learning the latest gossip on his or her favorite celebrity that starts on page 262, turn the page and find himself or herself looking at a strange colorful world - a vivid orange and black Lush flavored "5" gum ad. ...read more.


Mellow yellow outlines the outer edge of the design as a means to entrap the attention of the person looking at the ad. This person, in theory, will experience joy, move down the startling orange and undergo an emotional adjustment as he or she focuses attention to the cool, mostly black center of the page, back to the cheery outskirts, and put his or her thoughts aside as he or she ponders about what the gum will taste like and how enjoyable the new flavor could be. The 5 Gum ad does an amazing job of having its image reveal much more than what it looks like sitting on a shelf. This image is a snapshot of the portrayed artifact's personality; just as people evaluate other people, so do they as consumers to an item being pressed onto them to purchase. An item's personality consists of its name, how well it's packaged, the quality of the company manufacturing it, the price, and most importantly the nature of the product (Neeru Kapoor). The effect of having the product the sole focus of the ad gives a viewer nothing else to look at; no other image to remember. ...read more.


The witty, slightly humorous phrasing "Ever tried chasing a tropical sunset on a jet-ski?" enables the viewer to accept the thought as an idea that will never happen, but indulge on the possibility. As a result, he or she may find him or herself in a better mood, and willing to try something new - the ad succeeded. A successfully marketed product will leave the reader in a state of mind where he or she can recall what message they've just received, be in a better mood, and possess a yearning to purchase the product. To be flawless the ad must be colorful enough; not to make eyes water, but to make it meaningful and heartfelt. The ad must possess an image real enough to illustrate the real product; not glamour it up like a fake supermodel. The ad must be simple enough to stand out from the crowd. Lastly, the ad must be humorous enough to attract both the eyes and minds of viewers and leave them in a better mood as they depart the page; the author's new "Lush" flavored 5 gum ad is just that - the perfect ad. ?? ?? ?? ?? Meyers 1 ...read more.

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