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Health and Fitness Awareness

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FDA Public Services - Jodie Bateman Unit PC1/7 Louise Birchley Contents The Origins and causes of workplace stress The prevention, identification and management of Workplace stress The principles of physical fitness, good nutrition and healthy eating The public sector fitness requirements. The personal and professional issues concerned with following a healthy lifestyle. 1. The origins of workplace stress The following Essay aims to look at the origins or workplace stress, How to prevent it, how to manage it and how stress can affect the public service sector. It will also explore the principles of fitness and what fitness levels you should be aiming for to gain entry into any of the services. The personal and professional issues concerned with following a healthy lifestyle within a public service provision will also be discussed. Stress can originate from sources we hardly ever associate it with. One of the most popular causes of workplace stress is the lack of control, where employees have no say over things within the workplace that affect them. A definition of stress used today is that: 'It is the psychological and physical state that results when the resources of the individual are not sufficient to cope with the demands and pressures of the situation. Thus, stress is more likely in some situations than others and in some individuals than others. Stress can undermine the achievement of goals, both for individuals and for the organisation,' ( Michie. S. 2002 http://oem.bmj.com/cgi/content/extract/59/1/67). . The definition above is stating that some individuals will suffer from stress where other individuals will not. Stress factors vary depending on the individual and the situation that the individual is put into. A definition of workplace stress is; 'Job stress can be defined as the harmful physical and emotional responses that occur when the requirements of the job do not match the capabilities, resources, or needs of the worker. Job stress can lead to poor health and even injury.' ...read more.


important that we have some fats in our diet because fats help the body to absorb some vitamins and it is a good source of energy, fat also helps build up the level of fatty acids that the body cannot make itself. There are three different types of fat; saturated fat, unsaturated fat and Trans fats. Having too many saturated fats in your diet can increase the amount of cholesterol in our which increases the chance of developing heart disease. Trans fats have a similar effect on cholesterol as saturated fat that increases the chance of heart disease. Evidence suggests that the effect of Trans fats can be worse than saturated fats. Trans fats are often found in biscuits, margarines and some fast foods. Unsaturated fat can be a healthy choice, this type of fat helps to reduce the levels of cholesterol and also provides us with the fatty acids that we need that our body cannot produce itself. Public sector Fitness requirements To gain entry into any of the services you need to have a physical fitness test, this is to ensure that all professionals within the public service sector are able to complete certain physical tasks without getting tired or breathless. It is important that all of the professionals within the public service sector have the same basic level of fitness, this is so they would all be able to keep up with the physical tasks that they may encounter and that one will not have to wait for another simply because they are not as physically fit. The police force has a selection of physical fitness tests that possible recruits have to pass to gain entry into the force; these include dynamic strength and endurance fitness. Dynamic strength is upper body strength. It will be assessed by the use of a machine called the 'dyno machine'. The test involves 5 seated chest pushes, and 5 seated back pulls on the machine. ...read more.


Eating a balanced diet is also important when working within the public service sector Because it is important that you balance out the food groups so that you do not feel tired or exhausted or the other extreme irritable and restless. Work can effect the way you lead your lifestyle, for example a police officer working shifts will have an irregular sleep pattern and this could have a bad effect on his/her performance at work because he/she may feel tired during their night shift as they have not slept during the day or they may feel tired during their day shifts where they have been used to sleeping during the day and working at night. Also he/she would be eating at irregular times which could also have a bad effect on performance. The public service professionals that work irregular hours may be tempted not to cook a healthy meal that supplies them with the sufficient food groups but to eat foods which are quick and easy to make, this could lead them to miss out vital foods and cause them to feel bloated, tired or restless. This would obviously have a bad effect on their performance at work. To conclude, it is clear to see that a healthy lifestyle is important when working for one of the services this is in order to make sure you are not putting your life or anybody else's life at danger. Also stress is likely to be experienced when working within the public service sector, because it involves a lot of strenuous activities and hard to tackle situations but as long as it is dealt with quickly and in the right ways, it should not have a great effect on your lifestyle or workplace performance. Exercise is a good way of relieving stress, so if done regularly stress levels will kept to a minimum, and at the same time fitness levels will be maintained or even improved ensuring that you are performing at the best possible level that you are capable of. ...read more.

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