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online games discussion

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Online gaming is highly and addictive and has the potential to ruin lives? do u agree Imagine this, you wake up as a mystical being with super powers on a quest to save this world. This is your only purpose in life: to search and destroy to conquer your opponents. With only a sword and a spell to cast, you set upon this magical journey were you will endure countless battles to achieve your objective. This might seem farfetched but to some of you, but this is what most online games are about. For some teenagers this is their only reality: losing sleep, friends, family and lacking any real direction in life. They have been so absorbed into this epidemic of online gaming that they are not only affecting their own lives but also having a major influence for the people around them. ...read more.


They make you feel happy and entertain. And also make you eager to finish their game that is the reason why you stay so long. And also you love the gameplay and the "feeling" when you play it. You have to "control" your addiction by being managing your time. and try to find other things to do that can ward off you from playing. It will be challenging to change but if you have a strong will or determination. there is a possible you can manage your craving As a result we often residue in our homes because of the numerous and dangerous events that occur in neighborhoods. Because of this many of us have began to use online resources such as fb, MySpace and msn to keep in contact with our friends. Other however began to play online games such as world of war craft more commonly none as wow. ...read more.


We all know this does not solve the problem it only prevents us playing for a few days or a week. There is so many other ways a teenager could access the internet from a internet café or simply a friends house. The only real way to prevent obsessive online gaming is to find and maintain a balanced life with leisure activities as well vigilant control over the amount of time we spend at our computers. There has even been gaming centers and hotlines set up to help with this on growing addiction. Online gaming will continue to be a major part of our modern lives. This is a result of our own contribution to the growing popularity of these online games. Every new game released brings with it another new set of addicts, and this will continue if we don't have the balance and control required of us. Let the story of poor little snowly's addiciton ne a lesson learnt for us. Would you want to follow in these footsteps? ...read more.

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