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Zinser Response Essay

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Bobby Meyers College Writing, Section 017 October 16th, 2008 William Zinsser, a former college student, English professor, and headmaster of Branford College depicts the four pressures on a college student in his article "College Pressures". Four different types of pressure stick out the most: economic, parental, peer, and self-induced pressure. The self-induced phobia: where students are certain that all other pupils are working much harder than they are. Peer pressure: the grade has become the beacon that reflects the journey through college; not intellectual development, or maturing as an individual. Parental pressure: the students conform to parents' wishes, and watch themselves morph into something they're not, just to live up to expectations. Economic pressure: it's not unusual for a student, even if he works part-time at college and full-time during the summer, to accrue an immense amount in loans after four years; loans that he/she begins to repay within one year after commencement (pages 121-127). There are many more sub-pressures below each of Zinsser's four pressures; none more than under "economic pressure." The economy hasn't been helping the cost of tuition recently; college is expensive and costing more every year. ...read more.


I was shaking when I was able to pay off fall semester's tuition cost with only five dollars left in my possession. In this moment, I discovered I was still not ahead. After all, spring's bill comes shortly after the winter. I had three months to save up a substantial stash and was left to fend for myself. My entire schedule's focus shifted from succeeding in school, to paying for school. I worked well past forty hours a week at every chance I could. I found myself donating plasma between classes twice a week. I gave up my lunch hour a few times a week to earn twenty bucks trying new foods from a local company. This method worked for paying off the bills, but it wasn't long before my grades fell. Panic gripped me each time I assessed the situation I put myself in. I took my advisor's advice and implemented a plan to swing my schedule's focus back to my classes. I decided to stick with working no more than forty hours a week, and cut back in other areas. ...read more.


I assumed spending the duration working would help me achieve enough wealth to never again worry about affording school. Although a year of working full-time didn't get me rich, doing so got me past my lowest point of possessing a car, a few articles of clothing, $200 cash, and a negative attitude towards college. I've drastically revolutionized my view of school from being something expensive I have to do, to a necessary task I must complete in order to become what I'm capable of. Though I agree Zinsser's four pressures are significant, for me the most crushing burden is easily the financial pressure. It took much sacrifice for me to put myself through college, but now, I'm ready to reap in the awards. Not only do I have a new outlook on college classes, but I also renewed my commitment to work hard for myself. Money is always a concern for me right now, but I'm hoping my sacrifices will make my college experience more enjoyable someday soon. Though I know the immense fiscal expenditure known as college is worth the investment ultimately, surviving under the financial weight at this moment is a strenuous challenge. ?? ?? ?? ?? Meyers 1 ...read more.

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