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Communication Climate.

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COMMUNICATION CLIMATE INTRODUCTION Businesses and organisations run hot and cold when it comes to getting their message across to their key audiences. Likewise, their audiences/target groups run hot and cold, and it depends very much on the communication climate that exists within that organization at a particular time. This essay attempts to show how both internal and external audiences are affected by the communication climate that exists with an organization. This essay will show how a good communications climate addresses internal & external issues, including: (INTERNAL) Overall effectiveness, Employee morale, productivity, Safety, Recruitment record, Supplier confidence (EXTERNAL) customer relations, investor relations, industry leadership, community acceptance WHAT IS COMMUNICATIONS CLIMATE? We've all felt bright, hazy or stormy at work or in lectures. Communications climate refers to the internal communications pattern within an organization (Kreps, 1990) and describes: * the way we feel about the group or organisation we work for * the extent to which we value, and feel valued, by ...read more.


we talk to * Whom we like * How we feel * How hard we work * How innovative we are * What we want to achieve * How we fit in If a business or organisation has a poor communications climate, it simply won't be able to get the best from its workforce. And if the workforce projects a poor attitude, it will be picked up by outsiders. At the heart of any communications plan is management's desire to instigate and implement, Without willingness, any plan will fail, thereby affecting a company's overall effectiveness. 1. COMPANY EFFECTIVENESS This is a very general term and relates to all aspects of an organisation's operations. Being effective means being able to operate successfully. An effective business is: * Profitable * Personable * Passionate * Single-minded * Built solidly (foundation) for the future * Open and accountable (Baskin, Aronoff, Lattimore, 1999) ...read more.


Consequently, the company will not be able to expand. Most investors will base their decision to trade on an analysis of a company's balance sheet, annual reports, share trends and price to earnings ratio. When taking invertor relations into account as a component of communications climate, consider the number of areas involved: * Annual reports * Annual meetings * Chairman/CEO speeches * Analyst/portfolio manager presentations * Roadshow presentations * Quarterly reports * CD ROM presentations for investment community * Targeting of 13F and non 13F shareholders * Peer analysis and tracking * Web site content - Investor relations * Public relations * Perception studies * Analyst/institutional teleconferences Quite simply, if an organisation has a poor communications climate, a company's ability to achieve financial success will be impeded. This is merely a result of information not being given to key audiences. ...read more.

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