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Spain - A country full of different culture and life

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  • Essay length: 779 words
  • Submitted: 14/08/2003
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University Degree Environmental Sciences

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Andrea Sanchez

Mrs. Mayfield

Culinary Arts 1-2

21 May 2002


When you cross the mountains that divide France from Spain you step into another world. Europe ends at the Pyrenees, and the land beyond the mountains has a character and personality that are strikingly different. The sun beats down mercilessly on a country that is beautiful. A country full of different culture and life.

The Civil War in the late 1930's brought General Franco to power as dictator. He ruled the country until he died in 1975. Spain became a democracy after the death. Until the mid 1900's, Spain was one of the most undeveloped countries in Europe. Spain mostly contained small, unsuccessful, farms because of the dry soil. During the 50's and 60's, Spain took on a rapid stage of economic development and is now an industrial nation. Today more people work in construction and manufacturing than on farms.

Spain is ranked as one of the leading fishing countries in Europe. Off the Northern Coast, anchovies, hake, octopus, squid, tuna, and many others are fished. Spaniards enjoy and specialize in seafood. This is because it is

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