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Types of Pollution

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  • Essay length: 1468 words
  • Submitted: 07/10/2004
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University Degree Environmental Sciences

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Types of Pollution

The 2 main types of pollution on discussion here are namely land pollution and air pollution

Land Pollution

Pollution occurs when people dispose of their waste on the land. The disposal of non-biodegradable and toxic waste in landfills may result in numerous problems.

Firstly, when it rains, rain water may seep through the soil and waste, dissolving and carrying away with it, harmful substances that pollute the soil, groundwater and any nearby streams. Moreover, when the waste in the landfill decomposes under heat and pressure of the soil above, they would release poisonous fumes such as methane. Many buildings in America and Europe are sited on such land. Hence, an excavation of the ground may result inn the release of these fumes into the atmosphere, killing people, animals and plants nearby. Moreover, the land above the landfill is filled with pockets of gas and this makes the land very unstable. Subsidence may occur at any time and this makes the land dangerous to live on. examples of such land include:

* Love Canal, New York, USA

* Portsmouth, England

Moreover, with a growing population on Earth, land is becoming

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