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Analyse and evaluate the ideas and practises involved multi agency working, with regards to your setting

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´╗┐Analyse and evaluate the ideas and practises involved multi agency working, with regards to your setting. 1105468 FYP4012 The concept of Multi agency working (MAW) has been around for quite a while (1970's) but it was formalised in the Childrens Act 2004 which introduced 'Every Child Matters' (ECM) and the 'Common Assessment Framework' (CAF). MAW includes different professionals all from different services that come together to help support children, young people and families. For the concept to work each member of all the agencies needs to have a general knowledge of the range of organisations and individuals working with children, young people and families. Also to know of the roles and responsibilities of other professionals. The child protection system has developed over the past three decades. Major changes and developments to the system have usually arisen as a result of public scandals and intense media pressure on one or other aspect of the system. These scandals then led to public inquiries which made recomendations for tightening and refining the system. (Herczog 2001) "Working Together to Safeguard Children", issued by the Department of Health in association with the Department of Education (DofE), sets out how all agencies and professionals should work together to promote childrens welfare and protect them from abuse and neglect. All agencies working with children, young people and their families take all reasonable measures to ensure that the risks of harm to children?s welfare are minimised. Where there are concerns about children and young people?s welfare, all agencies take all appropriate actions to address those concerns, working to agreed local policies and procedures in full partnership with other local agencies. ...read more.


All agencies were in favour of this motion however the children are still to remain subjects of a child protection planning for a further period; this was to ensure that the current positive improvements would continue. There had been several observations by all agencies over the past few months and all had positive outcomes. All above agencies have worked hard alongside the mother to get positive results. To achieve these results each agency as been in constant contact with each other. The school setting as constantly worked together to make sure the children have recieved all the help needed not just educationally but also emotionally. They have allowed the mother to come into the school supervised and read with the children. They have kept her up to date with all or any improvements within thier educational needs.Their carer as made sure they have attended school everyday and maintained some normality for them. All agencies allowed questions to be asked for research for this report although names of individuals have not been mentioned, agencies have been entered. Each individual admitted that due to the fact that each agency corressponded throughout the case it ensured positive outcomes. They all interacted daily with the needs of the twins and the mother. One individual pointed out that to help in cases like this each agency needed to agree on arrangements for exchanging information, everyone to have a clear and common understanding of the extent and purpose of everyones involvement in the case. She did carry on to say that "its not very often that cases run as smoothly as this one had." Family B This case as taken over seven years for the system to start working for the child, although he as now been put on fast track the mother believes it maybe a little to late. ...read more.


All individuals who work with children are expected to know the Common Core of skills and knowledge. So why did such a high percentage of people within this setting not know the facts they needed to know, why did it take this report to highlight this fact? One of the factors could be time and resources, but if more financial cut backs are going to take place then this will only make it harder. The Common Core as been around since 2005 and was updated in 2010. The common core describes the basic skills and knowledge that everyone working with children or young people is expected to have. It sets out six key areas of expertise and the skills needed in each of them. Having the common core ensures there?s a consistent quality, so whoever a young person chooses to approach will know how to talk to them, how to recognise if things are wrong and how to bring in other services if they?re needed. (www.cwdcouncil.org.uk) Evaluation All in all the report as shown that MAW can work however needs all involved to communicate effiecentley and have the childs best interest in mind at all times. It as shown that training is key to guarantee success from all parts, all though funding sometimes stops this there should be always at least one person with the knowledge to share. Limitations of the study have been time, especially because of the holidays. Also the HMI visit the school had just before the holidays limited access to some information so completion had to take place when the school reopened. The setting is ideal for future research because of the area it is in, especially for the upcoming module as there is several behaviour issues with in the classes. ...read more.

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