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University Degree: Anthropology

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  1. Can you see any differences between Japanese and Chinese politeness practices? Do you think that people over emphasise politeness as a marker of cultural difference? If not, why not?

    Rei embraces those same principles of humbling oneself and elevating others, and also refers to 'proper' etiquette such as bowing and reciprocating favours as expected in Japanese culture. In this regard Chinese and Japanese politeness practices are extremely similar as they operate on, essentially, the same politeness principle. Furthermore, the Japanese notion of 'face', reciprocating favours, and the extensive nature of apology formulae and benefactive verbs mirror the two 'cardinal principles' of limao: sincerity and balance.2 These principles are socially sanctioned beliefs that prescribe politeness to be returned, else one be socially indebted.

    • Word count: 1769
  2. An analytical report to implement the Change Management strategies in British Airways to enhance the company's performance.

    References 18 8.0 Bibliography 18 1.0 Introduction British Airways is the world's biggest international airline, carrying more passengers from one country to another than any of its competitors. Also, one of the world's longest established airlines; it has always been regarded as an industry-leader. British Airways' worldwide route network covers some 566 destinations in 133 countries. The airline's two main operating bases are London's two main airports, Heathrow (the world's biggest international airport) and Gatwick. While British Airways is the world's largest international airline, because its US competitors carry so many passengers on domestic flights, it is the fifth biggest in overall passenger carryings (in terms of revenue passenger kilometres).

    • Word count: 3688
  3. How Do Studies of Organisational Cultures Help Us In Understanding the Dynamics of Working Life?

    These can provide an insight into a company's culture, as they are the result of it. For example, Apple use the logo of an apple which ahs been bitten into. An apple is the forbidden fruit of Eden, and so might symbolise the birth of new knowledge. Mission statements too are good indicators as they detail the direction of the company, its values and what it wants to be. The architecture of a building put across an image of the company itself. It affects how the employees work and feel, and how the customer feels. For example, the identity of McDonalds is portrayed in its layout, furniture and lighting.

    • Word count: 1316
  4. The different uses and vales of camel culture in the past and present .

    competitions. I- In the past: "In 1960s, there was one car which belong to Sheikh Shakhbout Bin Sultan Al-Nahyan , the ruler of Abu Dhabi." Mohammed A. Al-Menhali. That could show us how life was difficult for local people to buy a car these days. However, camels did very well in past in major thing such as trading and traveling. A. Traveling and Trading: Traveling and trading were the main function camels because they carried more goods and traveled without drinking water for months.

    • Word count: 1008
  5. Summarise and critically evaluate the view of 'popular culture' taken by Adorno and Fiske.

    Adorno saw that Capitalism was becoming more and more entrenched within society and that there was no sign that it would either breakdown or collapse. He dismissed Marx' prediction that it would be economics that kept Capitalism afloat, and turned his attention and emphasis to the role of culture. He believed that it was the culture inflicted on society that would encourage Capitalism to thrive. Popular Culture was seen as a huge selling product and Adorno argues that these easily absorbed products would increase and boost the Capitalist market.

    • Word count: 1619
  6. Managing across culture.

    Compaq also need hire many local employees for oversea branches or customer service. Another example, my father is a manager of Shanghai B&B Peaks Garments Co. Ltd; the company is a Sino-Singapore Joint-Venture Company, It is a large-scale leather garments exporting manufacture, processes for some famous brands leather garments to export to U.S.A, Japan, Canada, West-Europe, the customers include: U.S.A - GUESS,LONDONFOG, BOSTON OUTFIT,WINLIT,G?, AUSTRALIA-ATELIER, VICTOR, and so on. The company also hires professional technician from South Korea. These employees and oversea suppliers or customers have different cultures, can cause companies thrust into international relationships. A manager needs to now what the across culture can cause, and how to manage the across culture.

    • Word count: 1429
  7. A person's identity cannot be given to them, instead a person must achieve a sense of her character through personal experience and self search. In "No Name Woman", Maxine Hong Kingston recalls the events of her aunt's life.

    In the opening scene of the story, the audience is immediately presented with a tragic story within a story. The events viewed in retrospect through the eyes of the narrator's traditional conservative mother seem skewed and moralistic, delivered in an instructive voice. The mother's speech is purely didactic. She is telling this story to Kingston to teach a lesson; never do what your aunt has done and do not bring shame upon the family name. Instead of clearly accepting this tale, Kingston has a hard time believing and consenting to her mother's message. Although Kingston is to never speak of the aunt and pretend that the aunt never existed, she disobeys her mother and comes up with a speculative version of events in retelling her aunt's story.

    • Word count: 1667
  8. Strange Maladies: A Look at Obsessive- Compulsive Disorder.

    This balians diagnosed him with black magic, gave him a cure, but he still wasn't healed. A Western psychologist would diagnose him with OCD. The way Gede functions with OCD is much different than the way an American would function, which can help other psychologists study this disorder better. Since OCD is still unknown in many aspects, studying the expression people with OCD exude. Mood disorders associated with OCD is the major key to studying the biological effects of obsessive- compulsive disorder.

    • Word count: 814
  9. Knowledge Management.

    The more effective the relationship between supplier and customer, the more successful an organisation is. This success depends on their abilities to operate in this fast moving global marketplace. According to Nonaka and Takeuchi, ' by organisational knowledge creation' we mean the capability of a company as a whole to create knowledge, disseminate it throughout the organisation, and embody it in products, services and systems. However, they suggest that although they use the phrase 'organisational knowledge,' an organisation does not create knowledge on its own but from iniatives of individuals and interaction within a group.

    • Word count: 1858
  10. Explain the difference between culture and communication and how a cultures heritage is communicated. Support your argument with relevant research.

    It also provides structure, which supplies humans with the skills and rules necessary to adapt our world. Cultures have evolved to the point where they are people's primary means of satisfying three types of needs: Basic needs, such as food shelter and physical protection. The second need is derived need such as organization of work, distribution of food, defense and social control. Last, the integrative needs like psychological security, social harmony and purpose in life. Culture is understood as collectively held set of attribute, which is dynamic and changing over time (Gopalkrishnan, 2003). Because culture influences people from the instant they are born, they rarely aware of the many messages it sends.

    • Word count: 1428
  11. For this assignment I will be looking atthe 1638 siege of Baghdad as accounted by Zarain Aga.

    The Janissaries accompanied by other armed groups, would have musket and other light firearm. They would provide fire cover for miners and trench builders. In the source, fire cover is provided for those forces that were climbing up ladders to get into the fortress. Jozef Kelenik points out that in siege warfare, it is important that both sides possess firearm.3 For the defenders it hinders the progress of the trench builders and the miners. It also provides a distance between you and the enemy and prevents them from getting too close too quickly. The source does not give much information on the Persian attack, but it is evident that they had firing capabilities because

    • Word count: 2919
  12. Colonialism, Nationalism and Islamism: Discourse on Women in Egypt.

    Orientalism reached its peak with the onset of colonial conquests within Africa and Asia by the European 'great powers' of the day, Britain and France. It has been noted by many that Orientalism complemented the colonial political agenda: that of securing raw materials for the benefit of the west and political control of the relevant countries. By viewing Oriental countries as barbaric and inferior to Western nation-states and empires, Robert Young asserted that Orientalism "justified colonialism in advance as well as subsequently facilitating its successful operation" (Yegenoglu: 1998: 15).

    • Word count: 5337
  13. The organisation - what makes it 'tick'?

    Organisational Structures The structure of an organisation should enable it to achieve its objectives. Structures should not always be static they should be flexible in order to adapt to change within the external environment. Structure is the skeleton of the organisation. It sets out the framework of roles, titles, functions and relationships through which an organisation is run. Factors that influence organisational structures Internal * Size and number of employees * Location * Nature of product or service * Management style * Organisational style External * Ownership and sector * Level of competition * Markets * Technology * Government policy

    • Word count: 2338
  14. Multiculturalism portrayed through 'bend it like Beckham'.

    Russell 2 Bend It Like Beckham, directed by Gurinder Chadka, is an example of a multicultural film that deals with inter-ethnic issues. This movie deals with powerful issues that today's teenagers in an increasingly multi-cultural world are facing, and it shows how these issues can be worked through and ultimately resolved. This is a movie about determination and about the delicate balance between honoring old traditions and being true to oneself. The movie plot centers on the meeting of old traditions with the new cultural ideals.

    • Word count: 2004
  15. Song of Solomon is a novel of hope while Wide Sargasso Sea is a novel of despair. Discuss this assertion with particular comparison to the representation of culture and society.

    Morrison and Rhys explore in depth the conflict that arises in black and white cultures. Morrison is concerned with highlighting the diverse interactions and conflicts between individuals and their community, as well as the dilemma African Americans face as they struggle to acquire prosperity and independence without breaking ties with their heritage, which nourishes their black identities. Rhys however, exposes the conflict that arises between the repressed black community and the ignorant white community. For Morrison, Guitar is the product of a repressed black community and one cannot help noticing there is some ironic logic in Guitars explanation about the Seven days; his race argument is identical to that of his oppressors.

    • Word count: 3151
  16. How Important Is Symbolism In the African Story 'Veronica' by Adewale Maja-Pearce?

    Pain is apparent at the beginning of the story. Okeke is just about ready to leave for the University, when he meets up with Veronica for the last time. The symbolism here helps to exemplify what the two characters are feeling and thinking, without the need of using unnecessary words and phrases. When they meet at the stream, the imagery and symbolism are mostly natural, showing the need for your roots to be remembered and savoured. When you delve into the depths of people's emotions, their roots, childhood culture and traditions are what fundamentally makes them who they are.

    • Word count: 1358
  17. The Dao of virtue and power that Master Lao wrote discussed the primordial emptiness and mysterious subtlety.

    ????????, ????????, ?? "??" ??????,???????, ?? "????"?????????, ????, ????, ????, ?????, ????; ??????, ????, ???????????????????, ??????, ????????, ??????? (JHY, 23, p.165) The content of Shaozi elaborated here is actually a self-reference of the content of the Jinghua yuan ??? (The flowers in the mirror, hereafter Flowers) written by Li Ruzhen ??? (ca. 1763-1830) in the early nineteenth century.1 The Flowers had enjoyed a remarkable popularity since its first publication in 1818.2 Its remarkable diversity in both narrative content and stylistic mode has attracted much scholarly attention, and at the same time prevented critics from an integral interpretation of the whole work.

    • Word count: 1098
  18. Organisational cultures.

    The manager has totally knowledge of everything that is happening in the organization. It is usually found in small entrepreneurial organizations where control rests with a single individual or small group of individuals. The culture is often characterized by internal power struggles where individuals try to improve their own position by conflicting with others. In this type of organization the emphasis is on individuals rather than group decision-making, however decisions can therefore be maid quickly. There is a weakness, however, in that, because the organization is autocratic, individuals may feel suppressed and de-motivated by the lack of challenge on the company.

    • Word count: 1095
  19. Chasing freedom, in the novels, Halfbreed, and Wild Geese

    In Wild Geese, women's rights, while not addressed outright, are an important theme. Although raised under very different conditions, Judith and Maria share many of the same struggles. They both long for a different life, one where they are free to live their own dreams and pursue their own goals. The prairies have a way of humbling a person, as though the vast distances of land and sky could strip a person down to the bare bones of their existence and force them to uncover their own truths at the most basic level.

    • Word count: 1905
  20. The differences between men and women

    " Boys were fickle and likely to be unkind, my mother and I knew that, as surely as we knew they tried to make you do things in the dark they wouldn't respect you for afterwards, and would spoil your rep." Anne Roiphe continues, " Boys appeared to be hypocritical, self- seeking, exploitative, untrustworthy, and very likely to be showing off their precious masculinity."(Roiphe, Anne 504). Men are equally exposed to gender typing of women at an early impressionable age.

    • Word count: 1357
  21. Organizational Culture.

    * Organizational culture is a series of understandings and meanings shared by peoples that are relevant to special group which are passed on to new members, and are tacit among members (Louis 1980, cited in Michelson, 1996, p.16). * Organizational culture is a system of knowledge and standards for believing, evaluating and understanding etc that serve to environmental backgrounds (Allaire and Firsirotu 1984, cited in Michelson, 1996, p.16). Basic assumptions and beliefs have deeper level that are: learned responses to internal integration's problems and survival's problems in group's external environment; are shared by members of an organization; that operate unaware;

    • Word count: 2915
  22. How does Anita Desai exploit language in 'A Village By The Sea' to give us an insight into Indian culture and tradition as reflected by the people of Thul?

    Lila and Hari too had once attended school but had left due to financial problems. This sets the scene for the novel. It also represents the state of the village of Thul. From the very beginning we can see a reference to the traditional dress of the Indian woman. The woman wears what is referred to as a sari. 'She lifted the folds of her sari and tucked them up at her waist.' This shows that even Lila followed the customs even though she would be considered a child by the village. The older women of the village however wore brighter saris.

    • Word count: 3796
  23. How does Anita Desai exploit language in a village by the sea to give us an insight into Indian traditional culture as reflected through the life of the people in Thul?

    Anita Desai beautifully compares the modernized world to a world where a simple life is more than asked for. The story is set up in poverty driven village. The village is near the lavish city of Bombay. As this city has not been affected by the industrialization, the surroundings are plain. The village could not afford to build cinemas and shops as no one would be able to afford the goods and services. The story is based on a small family who were struck by the force of poverty. The setting of the home immediately enforces the idea of poverty on to the reader.

    • Word count: 2096
  24. The topic of truth has been a debated topic for many century, defining it has been very complicated due to the many loopholes and exceptions involved; hence many philosophies have been developed.

    Culture refers to a group or community which one share common experiences that shape the way one understands the world. A knower's interaction with others is limited to those surrounding them as one is unable to interact with everyone that exist or has existed in this world. One's culture would include the groups that one is born into, like gender, race or national origin, and also the groups one joins or become part of. Therefore, an individual conforms to the truth that is held by the group of people they belong with.

    • Word count: 1506
  25. Socialisation change.

    The following concepts are beliefs and customs of society and its whole way of life. Norms: These so called norms give us guidance on how to think act, speak, think and even feel. Norms are also rules about how people should or should not behave in certain situations. We learn a variety of different norms from the society and the influence of others surrounding us. Values: These are things we regard as important. For instance life is a high value and culture allows us to accept and work out the meaning of life and how to make sense of it all.

    • Word count: 1161

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