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Creativity and innovation have become increasingly important qualities in recent times. As a consequence of this a great deal of study has gone into how such qualities can be developed or enhanced.

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Creativity and innovation have become increasingly important qualities in recent times. As a consequence of this a great deal of study has gone into how such qualities can be developed or enhanced. Amongst the most significant factors found to contribute to the innovative and creative nature of an organisation has been the culture that it has. Organisational culture is often defined with the term 'the way things are done around here'. This considered one can appreciate the important influence that the culture of a firm can have upon its ability to gain a reputation for creativity and innovation. If for example if it was part of the culture of the firm to take few risks one could expect that creativity and innovation would be scarce. Understanding this it is imperative that we briefly examine the factors that contribute to organisational culture generally and to an innovative organisational culture specifically, before deciding upon what practical measures need to be taken in order to develop such a culture in our advertising agency. The culture of an organisation develops over time and in response to a complex set of factors. Laurie J Mullins simplifies them in seven key influences that are likely to play an important role in the development of any corporate culture. These include: history; primary function and technology; goals and objectives; size; location; management and staffing; and the environment. ...read more.


We must for example make clear that whilst survival undoubtedly is one of our objectives it must not lead the agency away from taking risks and being brave to ensure our goal of a reputation for creativity and innovation is reached. Since it is by achieving our goal of a reputation for creativity and innovation that we will ensure our survival. So the point that is being made here and the practical measure it necessitates is a list of goals and objectives that clearly display that, which is extremely important from that which is not. From the objectives that should not be one of our priorities not immediately or in the mid term at least is the achievement of size. We do not need a large organisation with a number of separate departments in order to be creative and innovative. Our concern initially must be quality not quantity. By maintaining a small size in the initial stages of our development we can ensure a greater degree of communication and cooperation crucial to developing creative products. However we should not forget the benefits for research and development once our agency has ensured a reliable base3 and has developed something of a reputation that will ensure any slackness setting in will not be punished too severely. ...read more.


Material symbols are also important among the most important of them is the layout of our headquarters and offices. It would be desirable for example to have an open plan office to encourage communication. It would also be a good idea to avoid a strict dress code so as to convey to our employees that individualism is encouraged. Finally we must pay attention to language, by making use of particular language and jargon a degree of assimilation can be achieved that does not affect the creativity of the firm. By taking such measures it is hoped firstly that a creative and innovative organisational culture is developed and secondly that it is maintained to ensure that the advertising agency achieves the required reputation. 1 Adapted with my comments and abbreviation from Pgs 804 - 805 of Management and Organisational Behaviour: Sixth Edition 2002 by Laurie J Mullins 2 ibid 3 I.e. A base of reliable and proven employees who fully understand the nature of the agency and of its goals we did this base we can sure that any further development in size will built upon firm foundations. 4 Pg. 607 Organisational Behaviour Eight Edition; Stephen J Robbins A small advertising agency is seeking to establish a reputation for creativity and innovation. Sketch out some practical measures that might be taken to develop an organisational culture to support such and effort. ...read more.

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