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Death Penalty

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H�gskolan Dalarna EN1034 English Usage Persuasive Analytical Essay Death Penalty in the U.S.A. Spring 2010 Ione Yamamoto V�rtav�gen 60 11538 Stockholm The [email protected] The Death Penalty is the lawful imposition of death as a punishment for a crime. There are only three democratic States still adopting this kind of punishment, which are Japan, South Korea and the U.S.. The latter has an internal death penalty conflict though. The Death Penalty is considered by many states in American an efficient way to deal with offenders, while others condemned the practice as unfair. Debates have been raised about the matter, and due to a lack of consensus, the death penalty has become a complex and controversial issue in the country. This essay will argue against the death penalty and how inappropriate it is to the U.S.. Since its implementation in the American Colony, the death sentence has proved to be an unfair system of punishment. Along its history, the death penalty has killed many people, who was later on found innocent. This kind of punishment does not correspond to the American demands for justice in the 21st century, which should be an inexpensive, efficient and fair system. The death penalty is expensive. The costs involved in a trial are exorbitant. ...read more.


It is not uncommon to execute an innocent man. The facts and ambiguities are there and it is easier to blame an innocent than to admit the death penalty system is imperfect. Many men have been wrongfully executed. As Illinois' Governor George Ryan said after the innocence of three death row inmates was proved: "I cannot support a system which, in its administration, has proven so fraught with error and has come so close to the ultimate nightmare, the state's taking of innocent life... Until I can be sure that everyone sentenced to death in Illinois is truly guilty, until I can be sure with moral certainty that no innocent man or woman is facing a lethal injection, no one will meet that fate." (Amnesty USA, par. 2) The three men mentioned by the Governor was condemned based on a confession extracted by torture, which is unacceptable and totally against the rights the humanity have fought for. American people are so desperate for justice that they end up closing their eyes and allowing an unfair and cruel system rule them. They forget a human being is facing the death row. When a suspect of a capital crime is put in the media, this human being becomes a monster, and the thirst for justice might lead an innocent to the death row. ...read more.


The questionable efficiency and the probability of wrongful executions are costs unacceptable to democratic countries around the world. The non-supporter states have the policy of life imprisonment without parole, giving the offenders a chance to redeem themselves still in life, while the supporter states have chosen to deal with capital crimes by treating human beings like animals, executing them. The latter is not the best option for a developed nation. It is an outdated way of dealing with criminality, contrasting with the life imprisonment sentence adopted by other states. Progresses towards the issue have been made by men like George Ryan. The nation is becoming aware of the wrongful executions. The costs are being questioned. The effectiveness has been challenged. In short, there is no doubt left of the inadequacy of the death penalty in the American justice system. Sources: About.com. "Death Penalty (Capital Punishment)".12 March 2010. <http://uspolitics.about.com/od/deathpenalty/i/death_penalty_2.htm> Amnesty USA. "Death Penalty and Innocence". 12 March 2010. http://www.amnestyusa.org/death-penalty/death-penalty-facts/death-penalty-and-innocence/page.do?id=1101086 Chicago Tribune. "Cameron Todd Willingham case: Expert says fire for which father was executed was not arson". 12 March 2010. <http://archives.chicagotribune.com/2009/aug/25/science/chi-tc-nw-texas-execute-0824-082aug25> Death Penalty Focus. 12 March 2010. <http://www.deathpenalty.org/article.php?id=406> Dieter, Richard C.. A Crisis of Confidence: American's Doubts about the Death Penalty. 12 March 2010. E-book. 2007. Reynolds, Morgan. The Heartland Institue. "The Death Penalty: Far and Effective in Texas". 25 March 2010. <http://www.heartland.org/policybot/results/229/The_Death_Penalty_Fair_and_Effective_in_Texas.html> The Clark County Prosecuting Attorney. 12 March 2010. <http://www.clarkprosecutor.org/> Yahoo! Brasil Noticias. "EUA: Suprema Corte suspende execu��o de condenado no Texas". 25 March 2010. http://br.noticias.yahoo.com/s/afp/100325/mundo/eua_fran__a_justi__a_1 ...read more.

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