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Examine the relationship between crime and culture in contemporary British society. This essay is going to focus on the topics of media and crime and crimes of the powerful.

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Focusing on at least one of the topics covered in this module, and select no more than three topics, examine the relationship between crime and culture in contemporary British society. This essay is going to focus on the topics of media and crime and crimes of the powerful. In contemporary British society there is a clear relationship between crime and culture. Media can influence the way crime is presented in every society. Sometimes media overreact on the events, cover the topic partially or even do not bring stories into light depended on the level of their benefit. Especially, when crime is related to powerful people, that can easily bribe the media, their stories often do not appear in the news as they actually occurred. In this essay, the relationship between media, crime and powerful people in the contemporary British society is going to be examined. The British Contemporary society can be described by the growing individual interconnection that is taking place in the social, political, legal and cultural impact in Britain, by strong affairs. Today?s British society has been altered a lot comparing with previous centuries. Nowadays, British people are more cosmopolitan and they have spread all over the world. ...read more.


Also, media has the power to misinform people although; sometimes news and television update the public but not always in the best way. (Jewkes, 2011) The way that media shows crime generally, is the way that the public wants to. The audience has the need to hear from the media about murders, serial killers, scandals and serious crime events that take place. That is how the world of the Mass media works today, otherwise people would not buy newspapers and watch the news. Also, without the participation of the media, we would not be able to learn every minute what is happening on a worldwide basis. People nowadays are obsessed with crime and deviance and media knows how to feed them daily. Furthermore, mass communications have an impact on the contemporary British society. It is known that the effects are mostly negative as the media causes anti-social and criminal behaviour to the society. For the explanation of this phenomenon, there are two major theories that can enhance understanding. (Jewkes, 2011) First, the Mass society theory that was concluded after the Second World War and that was set up as a sociological theory. ...read more.


For example, in 2009 British Newspaper Daily Mirror announced that a basic salary for a British Parliament Member is around £63,000. However in 2007, MP’s announced their expenses around £135,600 which is twice as much as their annual salary. Daily Mirror mentioned that for a MP to have this amount of additional expense, they should earn a salary around £319,615. (The Trumpet, 2009) This shows that many MP has used taxes paid by citizens of UK in order to meet their own needs and gain benefits. Crime can be defined narrowly as a violation of law or more broadly as an act that harms. (Richa, 2000). So in this case, it can be said that government members committed a crime against the society. This scandal caused loss of confidence against politicians in the British society and it resulted large amount of resignations, sackings, de-selections and retirement announcements by parliament members, together with public apologies and the repayment of expenses. Concluding, crime nowadays has experienced an increase in British society. This might be due to differences in the cultural mixture of Britain. Media played a crucial role for this increase in crime due to reasons referred in this essay. Finally, through the use of media, many role models of children and people that consist the British society, have declined and lead to great disappointments. ...read more.

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