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In critiquing the educational leaflet based on case study A 14 year old female experiencing juvenile chronic arthritis, there are a range of strengths and limitations that will be discussed.

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Write an essay of 800 words (+/- 10%) in which you discuss the strengths and limitations of the educational leaflet that you developed within a small group during seminars. You should cite approximately 4-6 academic references in support of your arguments. You need to consider how well the leaflet might assist your chosen client, how well it presents evidence-based information, and how successfully it communicates information to the client. Include references to your case study client, as well as using published literature to support your arguments. Submit the leaflet or information sheet that your group developed as an Appendix. You should focus on the leaflet itself, and not group decisions or dynamics that influenced its developments. Juvenile chronic arthritis refers to any form of arthritis that develops in children or teenagers who are under 18 years old. Arthritis is inflammation of the joints; it refers to a group of diseases that cause pain, swelling, stiffness and loss of motion on the joints. ...read more.


Water therapy is known to be an excellent treatment for arthritis. Arthritis Research UK (1998 - 2011) suggests that hydrotherapy eases arthritis pain, improves strength and circulation. The case study reveals that the client used to swim regularly but has now given up this activity. Therefore, providing useful programs that interest the reader could be a way to motivate them to return to participating in this activity. The leaflet illustrates coping strategies, statistics as well as a case study of a teenager dealing with the same condition. This would raise awareness for the reader as they would recognize that there are many other individuals in the same position. The contacts page is a vital element of a leaflet as it should provide useful information. The leaflet has included phone numbers, websites and email addresses. This can be seen as sufficient amount of contact information that teenagers would require. Having the address would not be necessary to include in this leaflet as the target reader would not necessarily post letters to the support programs nor would they attend the programs without initially obtaining more information. ...read more.


This could grab the attention of the client as it is known that she had an interest in swimming therefore this may attract her to the leaflet. Another limitation is that the picture on the front page of the leaflet may cause difficulty in being able to read the statement, if read from distance. The size of the font may need to be larger as it may be difficult to read from distance. The leaflet is fully suitable for the client as the main issue has been addressed and the leaflet is well designed in terms of layout, readability and content. Section B word count: 875 Reference list: Arthritis Care (2011). About Arthritis and How will it affect me. Available at: http://www.arthritiscare.org.uk/LivingwithArthritis Accessed on [22 November 2011]. Arthritis Research UK (1998 - 2011) Hydrotherapy, How effective is hydrotherapy? Available at: http://www.arthritisresearchuk.org/arthritis_information/arthritis_therapies/hydrotherapy.aspx#non. Accessed on [22 November 2011]. Centre for Health Information Quality. About CHiQ. http://www.hfht.org/chiq/about_chiq.htm. Accessed on: 9 March 2004. Doak CC, Doak LG & Root JH (1996). Teaching Patients with Low Literacy Skills. Philadelphia: Lippincott. RedOrbit (2005). More Teens Using the Internet Study Finds. San Jose Mercury News, Calif. Available at: http://www.redorbit.com/news/technology/190545/more_teens_using_the_internet_study_finds/index.html Accessed on [22 November 2011]. ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

4 star(s)

Without seeing the leaflet being referred to, this short essay appears to do a very good job at addressing the strengths and weaknesses of the leaflet which was created. It is clear what the leaflet was about and who the target reader group was. A strength of the essay is good evidencing why the leaflet was designed as it was with appropriate references made to research. Perhaps there could be further discussion of any other leaflets which were looked at to help when making your own? What were the key strengths in the most effective leaflets? Nevertheless, what is produced here is very good and well-written.

Marked by teacher Diane Apeah-Kubi 25/03/2013

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