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In this essay reference will be made to the book Crabbe, by William Bell.

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Przemek Wloczanko Miss. Galati ENG 2P1 May 21, 2002 Crabbe Essay Death is a very serious moment in a person's life. It is hard to face, but when you commit suicide it is the most pointless way of dying, you hurt your self and you hurt those that are close to, like your parents, family and friends. In this essay reference will be made to the book Crabbe, by William Bell. I think Mary did kill herself because she was an expert in the woods, she would have not gone up the ridge, to look for wood for the fire (Bell) and if she would of fell off she would of screamed from the shock of her felling. ...read more.


If Mary wouldn't of committed suicide then she would of screamed when she fell of the mountain. Mary and Crabbe ran away from the cabin and climbed a mountain to the top. When they got up they made a small fir and needed some more twigs. So Mary volunteered and that was the last time Crabbe saw her alive. Przemek Wloczanko pg. 2 A quote form the text that explains my point: "Mary was down there. She lay-on her back twisted and broken by her fall to the jagged rocks on the valley floor." (Bell pg. 119) I know Mary committed suicide because she would of screamed if she would of slipped off the mountain. ...read more.


I think Mary did commit suicide because she was rapped and felt guilty because she mercy killed her husband. Mary was rapped so she felt really bad and her husband was really badly injured so she mercy killed him so its logical that Mary did commit suicide from all the facts I listed, and one more fact if she didn't commit suicide then she would of screamed if she slipped off the mountain Death is something we cant stop suicide is. People that commit suicide have a lot of problems but its not a way to solve them, taking your life is never a good way to solve any thing. Przemek Wloczanko pg.3 Work Sided Bell, William, Crabbe, Toronto: Stoddart Publishing co. limited, 1997 ...read more.

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