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Internal and External factors of Motivation

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  • Essay length: 2016 words
  • Submitted: 11/05/2010
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University Degree Applied Sociology

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Pippa McFall-167 021

Assessment 2


Word count: 1810

The purpose of this essay is to critically evaluate the role of internal and external factors in relation to motivation. Within this essay several explanations of the definition of motivation will be provided. A description of the biological basis of motivation and it influences will be put forward. Also a portrayal of the sociocultural and psychological influences of motivational will be given. A link will be provided showing the relationship between optimal arousal, drives and motivation. The factors that contribute to help motivate, and affect behaviour will be provided. Differing approaches to motivation and factors that influence it, will be demonstrated. Primarily this essay will critically analyse intrinsic and external factors relating to motivation and will offer clarification of these terms. There will also be a discussion about the prosed negative effects of extrinsic motivators on intrinsic motivation. Towards the end some practical examples of proper use of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation will be provided. Several theories and examples will be provided and relevant references will be included to back up, support and strengthen all arguments presented.

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