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University Degree: Religion in Society

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  1. The Christian Cultural Heritage of the USA. Thomas Jefferson and the Creation of America.

    Many people began to agree with the teachings of Luther as well as Locke and Calvin who also had similar views. Because of this, many people began to break away from the Roman Catholic Church as well as the Church of England. In doing his, they began to be persecuted for the religion they were practicing. A group of people finally decided they were tired of being persecuted so they moved to America. They moved to America in hopes of becoming free from religious persecution.

    • Word count: 2216
  2. The Changing Role of the Catholic Church in Latin America

    Thirdly, this paper focuses on the failure of the Catholic Church in treating with contemporary social issues, such as same-sex marriages and the need for contraception. The significant transformation of the role of the Catholic Church is contributed to globalization, rise of democracy and the spread of Protestantism and in Latin America. The role of the Catholic Church during the period of conquest was mainly characterized by European expansionism and the destruction of indigenous religions. The major motivations for the ?encounter? with the New World in 1492 and the subsequent colonization of Latin America were in the name of gold,

    • Word count: 2948
  3. The Catholic Church analyzed. The reoccurring presence of statues and gold within Holy Trinity Parish serve to prove that power within Catholicism is predominantly in the hands of male religious authorities

    The very first statue that I noticed was the one of Jesus Christ on the cross, it was a massive statue placed in the very center of the church altar. The position of this grand statue stood out to me, as it was in such a place that everyone in the church could see it not matter where you were standing. Surrounding the pews, along the walls, were golden plates that illustrated the story of the resurrection of Jesus Christ as explained by a nun we spoke to.

    • Word count: 1658
  4. Is religion really in decline in the west or is it merely changing?

    Functional definitions focus instead, on the utility or the effect that religion has on the individual or group. The disparity between definitions is a large problem in assessing secularization: if we can?t adequately and consistently define the phenomenon, it becomes difficult to assess if it is changing. The pre-Industrial west can be characterised as deeply religious. According to Bruce (2002), nearly all members of society were familiar with religious teachings. Individuals mostly turned to the church, in illness, marriage, death and other major life changing occurrences. However, as the western world began to industrialize, we saw an increasingly secular society.

    • Word count: 2473

    Religion itself therefore generated social differences and further forms of stratification developed within religious organisation itself, particular with regards to the aforementioned concept of property as the church was very wealthy in this respect (Rogers, Deshpande and Feldman, 2011: 4). This evolution of early religion to modern day religious practice is based, in our Christian society, upon the Bible. This contains laws and codes of behaviour supposedly handed down by God; critically it could be argued that the ?laws? within were interpreted and therefore socially constructed by man, presented as ?the word of God? but for man?s benefit.

    • Word count: 2667
  6. This essay will attempt to explain how the Black church in America, as consumption, has cognitive value, is good for thinking and has and continues to act in a meaningful way that renews social life for the African-American community.

    most symbolic consumptions in terms of consumer communities and compared to people in other countries, the church plays a very special role in American life. According to the book Voice and equality: Civic voluntarism in American politics by S. Verba, K. L. Schlozman and H. E. Brady, Americans are more likely to be affiliated with a church, to attend services and to participate in educational, charitable, or social activities organized by their churches. The Black church is no exception. In fact, the Black church in America is one of the oldest and most resilient institutions in the Black community.

    • Word count: 1594
  7. The Political Implications of Polygamy in the Utah Territory and the Secular Reasons the Mormon Church Abandoned Plural Marriage

    The Latter-day Saint movement originated with the founder and beloved prophet of the Mormons, Joseph Smith, Jr. He was born on December 23, 1805 in Sharon, Vermont but soon moved with his family to Palmyra, New York. Smith grew up during the Second Great Awakening, a period of intense religious fervor in the United States (?Joseph Smith? n.pag.). According to Smith in the History of the Church, in the spring of 1820 he went into the woods near his home in New York to pray.

    • Word count: 3014
  8. Homosexuality and Christianity

    It is in the same category as abortion, which is not even mentioned in the Bible, but is a huge controversy in the world. As for same-sex marriage there is no mention of it in the Bible at all. How can people bring religion into that when there is nothing to go off? In Christianity the idea that a couple has to be male-female started with Adam and Eve. In Genesis 1:26-27, the beginning of life starts with Adam and Eve, male and female.

    • Word count: 2952

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