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The National Autism Association is one website that aims to assist the population through awareness programs and research, because autism is an epidemic that is on the rise

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Campbell Robert Campbell College Composition Final Draft Professor Opaleski-Dimeo 4/5/11 Throughout the course of the universe, there has been a consistent progression of endless loss and endless gain. In this progression, the process of natural selection has proven so effective that roughly ninety-nine percent of all species that ever lived are now extinct. However, in our current age of such technological and medical advancements, we are no longer a part of natural selection. We have set ourselves apart from animals in such a way that allows the weakest links of our species to survive and procreate. Not only are we in an age of highly evolved medical practices, we are also in an age of highly evolved diseases which are being preserved by none other than ourselves. Has modern medicine actually led to a less advanced civilization? Modern medicine is, to a certain degree, both preventing and continuing the natural evolution of man. One epidemic in particular has recently been in the spotlight due to its rapid increase among new borns. ...read more.


The organizations purpose is to help people who are unaware of autism learn what it is and how they can help. It?s agenda is to fundraise money for autism efforts in the world. Through use of links, pictures, sponsors, merchandise and videos, it effectively raises its points. Alongside an easily accessed interface, the National Autism Association has scholarly sources in their informational section, such as the American Psychiatric Association. Use of scholarly sources ensures their credibility as a website, as well as other information that is not cited but backed up by authors like Naomi Thiers of Educational Leadership, who reiterate ?The problems with processing and expressing language that are characteristic of autism underlie the difficulties autistic students have with social interaction, communication, and academic work (Thiers).? Information that is valid is extremely vital to the success of a website whose intentions are to inform, especially considering that a large portion of the audience is affected by or knows someone affected by autism. ...read more.


Otherwise anyone can simply donate or purchase merchandise. The National Autism Association?s online store, the ?Little Shop of Hope,? is very successful in raising money for autism. With products such as jewelry, ornaments, weighted blankets, supplements, digestive enzymes, greeting cards, wristbands, bumper stickers, keychains, shirts, postage stamps, hats, and coffee mugs, the ?Little Shop of Hope? has made an impact on people?s acknowledgment of the epidemic. The most notable icon of autism awareness is the puzzle piece, which is virtually on almost all awareness products. Some people who are directly affected by autism have gotten the puzzle piece tattooed on themselves in order to show their dedication. Whether tattooing yourself with puzzle pieces, lobbying to senators for votes in schools, making large or small donations, sponsoring the website, volunteering, starting a local chapter of the association, ?finding a friend,? purchasing autism awareness merchandise, or simply educating yourself about autism and it?s impact on society, the National Autism Association is the perfect resource for what you?re looking for. It?s accessible layout, accurate information and support for a much needed cause further display it?s importance to our world and understanding of autism. ...read more.

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