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The Social Psychological Development of Antwone Fisher.

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Running Head: SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT OF ANTWONE FISHER The Social Psychological Development of Antwone Fisher Denzel Washington Robyn Knight Prince George's Community College Social Psychology Dr. Dawn K. Lewis August 1, 2005 The Social Psychological Development of Antwone Fisher The film Antwone Fisher tells the story of one man's struggle to identify with the influences of past events on his relationships and the healing process through which he seeks to resolve his past. The film uses flashbacks and dream sequences to illustrate the impact that past relationships and past interactions had on his social psychological development. Produced by the talented up-and-coming screenwriter, Antwone Fisher is an autobiographical tale brought to life by Denzel Washington in his directorial debut. This movie tells the heart-wrenching and ultimately inspirational story of a young man's power to rise above everything life has relentlessly thrown at him (Washington, 2002). At the end of the day, this is a film about how senseless acts of murder, abuse and abandonment can color a child's existence. Based on the real life experiences of the film's screenwriter, Antwone Fisher, the movie explores those events and the conscious choices needed to make a defining change in life. ...read more.


As a result of his brawls, he is sent to a Navy psychologist, Jerome Davenport to receive anger management treatment. Their relationship serves as a catalyst for major change (Washington, 2002). Antwone, at first, is predictably unresponsive and resentful of therapy sessions and the first few are spent in silence with Jerome calmly filling the time with paperwork. Eventually, however, Antwone opens up to Jerome for the sake of boredom, if nothing else. The bond that later develops between them results in Antwone reliving the painful, buried memories of his past that have festered in him over the years (Markus et al., 1985). The psychiatrist, Davenport, recognizes that Fisher's relationships in childhood have colored how he perceives himself and how he reacts to what he believes is the disrespect shown to him by others (Berk et al., 2000). Davenport relates the fact that Fisher's foster mother, who was also black, often called him a nigger out of her need to subjugate him, her need to challenge his central identity and keep him down because of her own survival instinct (Berk et al., 2000). ...read more.


Social Influence As shown with a few flashbacks, using young Malcolm David Kelley to portray the seven-year-old Antwone and Cory Hodges in the same role seven years later, Fisher recalls that his father was murdered by a girlfriend two months before Antwone was born and that he had come into the world at the Ohio State Correctional Facility courtesy of his incarcerated mother, Eva (Viola Davis), who promptly gave him up to an orphanage (Washington, 2002). Raised with a couple of other children and an older foster sister by the abusive Mrs. Tate (Novella Nelson), Antwone nonetheless grew up to be a decent person. All this depicts the mindset of the makers and the fact that they have shown influence of the society on the character to bring him more close to real life. Heart. Mentor. Hope. Fear. Truth. Life. Peace. These words are just a few that embody Antwone Fisher. Through struggle and determination, Antwone Fisher was able to overcome his battles and eventually find peace within this soul. Antwone Fisher had a strong desire to overcome his fears of life. Antwone Fisher is definitely the story of a man who dug deep inside himself and therein laid a king (Internet, Fox Searchlight Pictures, 2002). ...read more.

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