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This essay aims to look at the issue of teenage pregnancy. It will firstly look at what teenage pregnancy is, then just how common it is in our society. It will look at the statistics that the United Kingdom currently holds

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Teenage Pregnancy This essay aims to look at the issue of teenage pregnancy. It will firstly look at what teenage pregnancy is, then just how common it is in our society. It will look at the statistics that the United Kingdom currently holds on teenage pregnancy, which will show why it is so important to combat this and try to reduce the number of teenage pregnancies as early as possible. It will go on to look at the strategies the Government has put in place in order to reduce teenage pregnancy and also ways in which the Government can help these vulnerable group of children once they have given birth, for example helping them back into education and supporting them with factors such as housing. The occurrence of teenage pregnancy obviously relates to any pregnant female under the age of 20 years old. Young teenage girls become pregnant either with other young teenage males or sometimes with adults. Problems facing this group both before and after the birth of the child come from social factors, not to mention medical or physical concerns. Some of the social factors could include culture, religious beliefs, financial circumstances, education and lack of support or understanding. As there has been a massive increase in teenage pregnancies, this is now becoming a social problem. As with their mothers not always finishing their education due to the fact of becoming pregnant, children of teenage mothers may be having poorer life outcomes, and there is now a higher rate of poverty in certain areas in the country, where there is a high rate of teenage pregnancy. ...read more.


The Prime Minister stated that the Social Exclusion Unit should "work with other departments, building on the work already undertaken by the Department of Health to develop an integrated strategy to cut rates of teenage parenthood, particularly under-age parenthood, towards the European average, and propose better solutions to combat the risk of social exclusion for vulnerable teenage parents and their children". (Social Exclusion Unit 2000:12). This report fetched about the national Teenage Pregnancy Strategy (TPS). Within the strategy it shows when teenagers become pregnant they could become subject to being excluded from school, and there has to be a way to resolve this problem. This strategy is the first step, towards agencies working together in order to try and work with teenagers, to help and support them in all the issues with which teenage pregnancies occur. Within this strategy, they aim to lower teenage pregnancies by at least half, by 2010. They also hope to reduce the risk of long term social exclusion of teenage mothers by making options available, in order for them to carry on with their education, such as childcare and any help and support that they may require. Now that the teenage pregnancy strategy has received the �60m that was invested to start this programme, they should be able to start to delivery what they promised. There are encouraging early signs that the Strategy is making a positive impact on teenage conception rates and the participation rates among teenage parents (Dfes 1999:12). In trying to reduce the teenage pregnancy rate, the Social Exclusion Unit are trying to achieve a programme, which will deliver better sex education, this is hopefully to take place both in and out of schools. ...read more.


In order for the DfES to achieve a high standard of PSHE and continued improvements within its delivery, there is ongoing professional development programmes (CPD) for teachers and community nurses who practice in this area. This approach also offers continued structure and guidance for the schools to help them in assessing what young people are learning in PSHE; and by enforcing the belief that schools who actually achieve a healthy school status, must have a good understanding and be delivering an effective PSHE programme. When looking into the sexual behaviour of young people, it is important to take into consideration all the other factors involved with being a teenager, and the ways that these young people feel they can control and shape their lives by their own actions and the surrounding support that they can call upon. In some cases the self belief and confidence in the individual can be a deciding factor in taking advantage of any educational and employment opportunities made available, this could also contribute to the teenager becoming a teenage parent. The adolescent might also feel, that they themselves do not have control of their future and that they are being conditioned for what ever may lie ahead, they may think that they can achieve little outside of parenthood. Obviously, there is still much research to be done relating to teenage parenthood and there is need for more details to be added to current policies to reduce some of the inequalities that these parents face, not every case is the same and some teenage parents do have an acceptable standard of living or higher, but the situation has to be focused upon and guidance updated to assist those most in need. ...read more.

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