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What are the general Arguments of two main theoretical perspectives on gender inequality V functional analysis and conflict analysis?

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To: Dr. Richard Lam Cheung Fm: Group 6 CLASS: SOCIOLOGY 101 SECTION 4 TOPIC What are the general Arguments of two main theoretical perspectives on gender inequality - functional analysis and conflict analysis? If you were a functionalist, what would you say should be done, if any, about gender inequality in Hong Kong? As a conflict theorist, what would you say, if any, should be done in Hong Kong? Explain? Group Members: Student Name Student Nr Lam Wing Leung 020023 Lui Chi Wai 020006 Lee Chung Man 020024 Wong Wing To 020014 Fung Ka Chun 020010 Wong Ka Hong Desmond 020018 Lee Sun wah Hermony 020012 CONTENTS 1. Introduction 3 Research Problem: 3 Objective: 3 Methodology: 3 Approach: 3 Remarks/Legends: 4 2. General Arguments towards Gender Inequality 5 A. Functionalism 5 B. Conflicts Theory 6 3. Gender Inequality in Hong Kong 8 A. Education 8 B. Employment & Incomes 11 C. Human Rights & Politics 16 4. Ideas for Improving Gender Inequality 18 A. Functionalists 18 B. Conflict Theorists 18 A. Bibliography 19 B. Appendices 20 Appendix 1: List of Executive Councilors in Hong Kong(BTT) 20 Appendix 2: List of Universities in Hong Kong & the Headmasters' Gender(BTT) 20 Appendix 3: List of Legisilative Councillors in Hong Kong(BTT) 21 Appendix 4: Table studied under Thematic Report - Women and Men, Population Census 2001, Hong Kong(BTT) 22 Appendix 4: Table studied under Thematic Report - Women and Men, Population Census 2001, Hong Kong(BTT) 22 1. Introduction Research Problem: 1. Does gender inequality exists in Hong Kong? 2. If there were, can these be explained by the social theories. 3. What measures can be proposed to reduce the gender inequality identified in Objective: - To Study the sociological problem of gender and sex over the years 1991 to 2001 using sociological theories. We focus areas in: A. Education B. Employment & Incomes C. Human Rights & Politics - Make recommendation of improvements to help reduce gender inequality, if there were any. ...read more.


For example, universities have put more weighting on academic achievement and less on areas where male used to outperform female e.g. physical education. The change reduces males' opportunities to enter their desired universities. Year Sex Full-time Part-time course Had completed study Total Tertiary Number % Number % Number % Number % Education % 1991 Female 30743 15.1 15553 7.6 157336 77.3 203632 100 9.4 Male 36034 12.5 20800 7.2 230425 80.2 287259 100 13 1996 Female 45469 13.4 39724 11.7 254743 74.9 339936 100 13.3 Male 50997 11.9 44739 10.4 332848 77.7 428584 100 17.1 2001 Female 58948 13.5 62694 14.4 314999 72.1 436641 100 15.1 Male 56167 11.7 57936 12 367756 76.3 481859 100 17.8 Chart 4.1 shows Percentage Distribution of Population with Tertiary Education and Field of Education. We notice men tend to enroll on engineering programs, computer studies, civil and construction engineering. Women, on the other hand, tend to enroll more on Education, Medical and health related studies (becoming nurses). Another development is both genders have increased enrolment on business studies, arts and social sciences, and along this line, women is leading. (Function) of course, argues such diversion in interest reflect the tradition of division in labor and specialization of gender into occupations they have better talents and more suitable personalities traits. (Conflict) Men are socialized to associate with outgoing, challenging jobs and women less outgoing and less risk-taking. This is reflected in the polarization in the choice of courses. The transformation of Hong Kong from a society of manufacturing to one of service brings tremendous change in the skills set required of school-leavers. In response to the changing environment, universities introduce more business and related disciplines courses. (Function) would argue female would have advantage over male, as less physical stress is required. As times goes by, male's would be prejudiced not only from limited scope of course choices but also in employment opportunities. ...read more.


(Functionalists) argues men are more suitable for aggression and venture. Legislative Councillorship is one that requires these personal traits and therefore more male councilors are justified. This perhaps can be reflected by the fact that there are only 11 female councilors but 49 male councilors out of 60. (Please refer to the appendix for detail listing of councilors) Executive Council Article 55 of the Basic Law stipulates that the Chief Executive shall appoint members of the Executive Council from among the principal officials of the executive authorities, members of the Legislative Council and public figures. The following list shows there are only 3 members are female and they are all standing member in their capacities as head of government departments. Out of the councilors appointed by the Chief Executive, No one is female. Again the finding shows males suppress females (Conflict). (Functionalists) argument on the Legislative Councilors applies here. Source: HKSAR 1/12/2002 (Please refer to the appendix for detail listing of councilors) University Stewardship There are 8 universities in Hong Kong (please refer to the appendix for detail listing of university stewardship). All 8 headmasters are male. (Functionalists) argue such senior profiles require outstanding and senior, academic achievers with lots of executive experience to fill these positions. In addition, there were very few female university graduates in the 1950's. Whence, there are only male candidates suitable. (Conflicts) see this is the suppression of females by males. 4. Ideas for Improving Gender Inequality A. Functionalists a. Education o Review and refine the collaboration across universities. o Consolidate Programs offered in considering genders' need b. Employment & Incomes o NIL. c. Human Rights & Politics o NIL B. Conflict Theorists a. Education o NIL b. Employment & Incomes o NIL c. Human Rights & Politics o Working principle set out to include minimum number of council representation by females. o Guide to hire Vice Headmaster in opposite gender to the Headmaster A. ...read more.

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