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Care Planning

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Tracy Weir Care Planning Introduction Care may be defined as "providing for physical needs, help and comfort" (Collins English Dictionary). In this assignment I will discuss the effectiveness of the Operating Department care planning process in relation to organisational factors. I will include the Roper, Logan and Tierney model of care, principles and purposes of care planning, confidentially and patients rights during the care planning process. I intend to find my information from people I work with, books, journals, I will also look on the internet. Principles and purposes Care plans are written for individual patients and provide, accurate, current comprehensive and concise information concerning the condition and care of the patient and associated observations. The care plan is a practical way of putting the nursing process to work. Producing a care plan involves assessing the patients needs and planning appropriate care. A care plan has five purposes: * It provides an assessment of the patients needs * Nursing diagnosis * Details of planned care * A description of how this was implemented * Evaluation of the outcome for the patient. ...read more.


Assessment includes: * Collecting information * Interpreting information Planning The next step in planning care is to decide what care a patient may need. The information obtained during the admission interview, together with observations and assessment goes into the planning of care. This information will identify the patients problems or potential problems. Planning includes: * Setting the goal (expected outcome) * Deciding what care will meet the needs if the patient and writing the appropriate instructions. * Deciding when to review or evaluate Implementation Implementation of nursing instructions can only be successful if the following points are investigated: * How instructions are communicated * When to carry out the different instructions * Co-ordinating all aspects of care * Giving care * Responsibility and accountability in giving care Evaluation Evaluation is the last phase of care planning and is essential for deciding if the care has been effective. It is a continuing process that assesses and measures the quality, suitability and degree of success of both planning care and the care that is given. (Roper et al.1985). Confidentiality of information Confidentiality is the non disclosure of certain information, except to another authorised person. ...read more.


Emergencies also put pressure on staff and sometimes take staff away from scheduled lists. The number of trained staff in theatres is often a factor and we often use agency staff who are unfamiliar with the hospital care plan system. The care planning process is continuous throughout the patients stay and everything should be recorded on the care plan, but due to organisational factors this is not always achieved. Conclusion Whilst working on this assignment it has given me a clear insight into why we plan care. I feel that care plans are effective as they give a clear and concise record of all the care the patient received and expected to receive, therefore the patient is given the best possible treatment, however a disadvantage of care planning is that they are not correctly filled in, and patients can suffer as a consequence, this is not a purposely caused problem, but it is often due to organisational factors, such as timing and costs. Overall I believe care plans do improve patient care, and more emphasis should be put on the staff to correctly fill them in and I believe they should be regularly followed up to make sure the patient was fully happy with the care they received. Word Count 1082 ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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