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Causes of stress in the workplace and the effect on the staff as well as the clients

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Part two 4d Discuss how staff feel empowered in the workplace Within the Environmental Health Department, the head of Public Protection encourages, supports and inspires the rest of the team of officers and recognises people for who they are, and helps them find their own way forward by making best use of their strengths and abilities. By doing this, achievement, development and recognition becomes quite natural to the staff, and it is these things which are the true fuels of personal motivation. The employees and management solve problems and make decisions that were traditionally reserved to higher levels of the department. All of the staff are treated as adults and are consulted before decisions are made, that may affect them. The staff want to do an outstanding job at all times and be proud of their work, and commitment to positive outcomes are facilitated by getting barriers out of the way. Within the Department, management makes the other staff feel empowered by routinely delegating authority to individuals along with responsibility , routinely using corrective, cross functional process improvement and self directed teams, devoting resources to education and training, recognising and rewarding improvement efforts and success, consulting and coaching employees and removing barriers that prevents outstanding performance. Trust and commitment are paramount as winning individuals hearts and minds leads to their willing contribution of ideas, loyalty, determination and extra effort. The department also feels that communication and information are the lifeblood of empowerment. By Dawn Bewick Part two 3d Causes of stress in the workplace and the effect on the staff as well as the clients Nearly everyone agrees that job stress results from the interaction of the worker and the conditions of work. Views differ, however, on the importance of worker characteristics versus working conditions as the primary cause of stress. These differing viewpoints are important because they suggest different ways to prevent stress at work. ...read more.


Information will not be passed on to any third party or any other referral body without the service users permission, unless it poses a risk to the service user or the general public. It is often necessary for the department to share information so that service users can receive the services they need. Sometimes, it is only when information held by different agencies is put together that a person is seen to be in need of additional help or attentive services. The Data Protection Act 1998 places an emphasis on protecting the rights of the individual, although it does not prevent information sharing. Key principles for information sharing within the department include: * The welfare of the service user or others is the prime consideration in all decision making about information sharing * Professionals can only work together to effectively safeguard and promote the welfare of the public, if they share relevant information. * Workers should only share as much information as they need to - but should share enough to achieve the purpose for which information is being shared * Where a person has a need for services from a number of agencies, ongoing appropriate information sharing is likely to be needed between these agencies * Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights gives everyone the right to respect for family private life, home and correspondence. The Authority can only interfere with this if they are not doing anything against the law, and are pursuing a legitimate aim (including the protection of Health and the rights of others) and the action is no more than needed. * Information belongs to the individual, and should generally be kept aware of what is happening to their information and have the right to access to it. * Unless the professional has a duty to share the information it is good practice to obtain the persons consent depending on their understanding, except where this would put someone at risk of harm or prejudice, or a police investigation into an offence causing potential harm to others. ...read more.


Dawn Bewick 5.6m Maintain and review a personal and professional development plan What am I going to learn How am I going to learn it How am I going to know ive learned it Target date What areas I need to develop in Self-assessment on my interests, preferences, values and skills Talk with the supervisor and ask him to pinpoint the needs of my position and my strengths and weaknesses, then help me apply my new knowledge to the job 14.12.05 Learn more about the subject that interests me the most Practice what I have learned so far and try to have the opportunity to build on my knowledge and competence Consider feedback received by others, review self-assessment 25.01.06 Try to add more responsibility to my role within the department Consider what's required of me in terms of skills, knowledge and competencies and prove myself within the job Gather feedback and discuss options with the supervisor 08.02.06 Develop new skills Set my learning priorities based on the areas I feel I have the skills and acquire extra skills along the way Self-assessment, as I review my needs, I will talk with the supervisor and decide on the goals that best fit my abilities 22.06.06 What strengths, talents, experiences and passions I could use within the department Think about the experiences and talents that I already have and add on to them in different areas of the department, gaining extra knowledge Ask for feedback from other staff members on my performance, improve on the skills not quite reached 22.02.06 By Dawn Bewick 5.5m Demonstrate effective self-management skills, and reflect on and evaluate own performance as a care worker I believe I have the ability to manage personal reactions to responsibilities and challenges within my life and on work placement, managing my time and adapting to challenging situations. By having the ability to recognise gaps in my knowledge, I strive to acquire it independently and have the desire to continue to learn, beyond the college environment. ...read more.

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