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Choose an aspect of the law and discuss this in relation to the role of the nurse

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´╗┐School of Health and Social Science Assessment Submission Sheet Student Full Name: Sophia Olanrewaju Name of Programme: BSC Adult Nursing Module No: 1003 Module Title: Foundations for Professional Practice Name of Module Leader: Margaret Herlihy Name of Seminar Group Leader; Jessen Lee Title of Assessment Item: Choose an aspect of the law and discuss this in relation to the role of the nurse Word Count: 655 Campus/Site: Hendon Date Assessment due: 9th November 2011 Date Assessment Submitted: 9th November 2011 Declaration of Academic integrity: I confirm that this is all my own work and that any information copied in part or full including references and quotations from both primary and secondary sources have been fully identified and properly acknowledged in line with the Guidelines on Referencing and Citation Style in Health and Social Science (www.lr.mdx.ac.uk/helpsheets/syudy_skills/hss.pdf) I have read the regulations relating to academic misconduct and submit this work as my own in line with those regulations. (www.mdx.ac.uk/24-7/assess/index.htm) I understand that my work may be compared against the work of others for the purposes of detecting plagiarism and collusion. ...read more.


"You must respect people's right to confidentiality." This indicates that when nurses discuss about treating patients, it?s imperative that they respect the patient enough to discuss their case privately so that the public are not aware of their condition. Likewise, a nurse respecting an individual right to secrecy enables them to feel reassured, comfortable to confide and disclose information in order to deliver appropriate care for them. Confidentiality can be breached which prevails in maintaining confidentiality to protect the public, for instance, if a patient obtain notifiable diseases such as Tuberculosis it?s essential that the community are kept safe by health professionals carrying out practices to stop the disease from spreading. Furthermore, confidentiality is a paramount element in nursing because as a nurse it?s their objective to provide the best quality of care which consists of respecting and protecting a patient?s privacy which they are entitled to as it is part of their human rights. According to Tschudin (2006) debates that ?confidentiality is one of the most important rules of healthcare and that healthcare practitioners need to understand that confidentiality of information demonstrates respect for the individual.? A competent practice of confidentiality is when nurses encourage patient?s privacy which transparent into showing regards. ...read more.


In conclusion, maintaining confidentiality is a critical element in nursing as it contributes to caring, warming and forming trust with patients. Overall, confidentiality has not been implemented accurately and not practiced as demanded by law, thus confidentiality should be reinforced to all health profession ensuring they comply with guidelines by undertaking Continuous Professional Development Training to prevent confidentiality been breached. Appendices Legal dimension to nursing practice session 2 Post-Session - Activities - Legal Dimension List situations when you might be asked to disclose personal information. Situations when I might be asked to disclose personal information is when it may be needed for a court of law or may be needed to safeguard public for instance if someone has 'notifiable disease' A right to confidentiality A patient has a right to have their personal information to be kept confidential and private. Post-Session - Activities - Legal Dimension - Extra What legislation relating to confidentiality is in place? The legislation relating to confidentiality is in place in the Data Protection Act 1998, European Convention of Human Rights , Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 1990, National Health Service Venereal Disease Regulations, Mental Capacity Act (2005), Freedom of Information Act 2000 and Computer Misuse Act 1990. ...read more.

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