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Critical Analysis of "If Men Could Menstruate- A Political Fantasy".

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Critical Analysis of "If Men Could Menstruate- A Political Fantasy" The issue at hand in the article "If Men Could Menstruate" is the question of what would the world be like, and how would it be different from the present, if women no longer menstruated and men did. I found this to be a rather interesting question and an amusing scenario to consider. The author, Gloria Steinem, tries to paint a mental portrait of what our society might be like if men, not women, menstruated, by giving examples that I see as being entirely true. I believe that what Steinem is trying to show is important because it shows what a male dominated culture we live in and we, as women, must stand up for our rights. Gloria Steinem is a feminist, and her views as one, show through strongly in her essay. ...read more.


That would just be one more thing for males to find and brag about. Steinam's work empowers women in the health area by making women proud to menstruate and feel that it is a gift to be able to bear children. It should almost make women feel full of pride when going to their gynecologist! Imagining the scenario that Gloria Steinem creates, I believe that women's health care would not be as good as it is today. We, as women, occasionally need special care for certain things that go on inside our bodies, namely menstruation, and if we no longer menstruated there would be less attention paid to women. The attention would be shifted over, yet again, to men. I think that men would be a lot more vocal about their monthly cycles then women are, and they would receive all the health care they would need. ...read more.


It's sad that there aren't more female doctors, because I know that I feel more relaxed with a female doctor because she knows exactly what I'm going through. In conclusion, I loved Gloria Steinem's essay. It made me laugh, as well as made me wonder what life would be like if men menstruated. It's a scary thought. I think that women would have an even harder time becoming a substantial part of society all because of a once a month bleeding cycle that men would go through. I don't think women realize what a powerful gift they have been given with the ability to menstruate. We make up more than half of the world's population and are almost never represented fairly in public life and positions of power. It's time for all us women, menstruating or not, to take a stand for the sake of our future in society and in health care. ...read more.

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