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Definition of Health.

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Karen Dorman unit code 1210 DEFINITION OF HEALTH Good health is a mixture of physical, mental, emotional and social wellbeing. The Dictionary definition is HEALTH: "The state of being well and free from illness Mental or physical" (oxford, 2001). However it goes much deeper, It is not about What can be seen or felt on the outside but also about our innerselves as well. Physical health is about what can be seen or felt and can cover a numerous amount of things from a common cold to a terminal disease such as cancer. It could also be a degenerative disease, genetic illness , and sexually transmitted disease race related disease e.g. sickle cell anaemia or an age related illness. Many physical health problems can be linked to emotional health such as stress from families, relationships, work or financial difficulties and worries can cause a multitude of stress related illnesses i.e. ...read more.


Not so long ago people who suffered from dyslexia were seen as simple but now they are seen as suffering from a learning difficulties. They are other variables that can affect the nations health such as developmental, psychological, cognitive, life style choices, cultural, religious beliefs, geography i.e. where you live determines the health care that you receive (the so called postcode lottery) environments and standards of living. Most of these factors tend to affect the lower socio-economic classes, as they don't seem to have the knowledge, resources and the money. So people from deprived areas tend to suffer poorer health and don't know how to access the services available to them. People who are of higher socio-economic classes seem to have the best doctors, dentist and services available to them. ...read more.


They are taking these drugs but no one is entirely sure of the long-term damage that they can have on them. Many young people have succumbed to the terrors of drugs and had what short lives they had cut tragically short. Everybody has there own definition of health the world health organisation suggest the definition is "The extent to which an individual or group is able, on one hand to relies aspirations and safety needs; and on the other hand, to change or cope with the environment. Health is therefore seen as a resource for everyday life, not the object of living; it is a positive concept emphasising social and personal resources, as well as physical capacities" (world health organisation, 1984) But defining health means different things to different people to a terminally ill person it maybe waking up to see a new day and to myself it maybe not having the worries and stress that goes with everyday life. Mark 58% ...read more.

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