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Difference between Medicare and Medicaid

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Shantae Shinholster BHS 450 Module 4 Case Assignment Dr. Afshin Afrookhteh February 23, 2008 The difference between Medicare and Medicaid is their benefit entitlements. Medicare is a health care program designed for people who are 65 years of age and older. It also incorporates individuals who are under the age of 65 with certain disabilities, pregnant women and children. Medicaid is provided by the state for individuals with very low incomes and has expensive medical bills. I will exhibit the criteria for Medicare and Medicaid. I will discuss how Medicare has evolved by using a time line how it has accommodated to the changing needs of society. I will also provide the consensus about the future of Medicare. Medicaid is different from Medicare because each program is designed for a specific group of people. Eligibility is determined by income levels. Families whose income is at least 60 percent in the poverty level they can receive Medicaid. ...read more.


Certain medical visits were included also. Speech, physical, and chiropractic services became accessible under this program. Payments for HMO were authorized as well. In 1982, hospice benefits were added for a trial basis. In 1983, hospice inpatient services became a part of this program. Federal and civilian employees gained benefits at this time. In 1984, the President, his employees, and other members of Congress became covered. In 1986, Hospice benefits were made permanent. In 1988, a law was enacted to provide care for prescription drugs and catastrophic illnesses. Mammography coverage was an addition. In 1989, catastrophic illness and prescriptions drugs were permitted. Coverage for pap smears became available. In 1992, Physician services were based upon fee schedule. Medicare + Choice were enacted for the Balanced Budget Act that took place and would be revisited in 1999. The Balanced Budget Refinement Act was created in 1999. Congress refined this law and there was less funding restrictions. ...read more.


The premium for Medicare Part A and B has become a little higher. The consensus about the future of Medicare is a bit frightening. The cost of Medicare is said to go over the budget that was originally proposed by Congress in the year 2011. The only way Medicare can improve is if the program is revised and the costs are reduced for all medical care services. The cost of Medicare is very important when you are suffering from a chronic illness and there is a premium or deductible that exists on your plan. If you cannot afford the costs for Medicare then you are really going to have problems receiving proper medical care. I have a problem with the cost of premium and deductibles getting more expensive. These programs were designed for individuals because of their income levels. If the cost of premiums and deductibles keep rising I do not think that people will be able to afford the costs of maintaining health care. This is very upsetting to know that the Medicare and Medicaid benefits taken out of my paycheck is not helping individuals who really need this assistance. ...read more.

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