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how does alan bennet make us feel sorry for violet in "Waiting For The Telegram"?

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How does Alan Bennet make his viewer feel sorry for Violet In "Waiting For The Telegram"? "Waiting For The Telegram" was first televised in 1998 on the BBC. The name of the main character was "Violet", played by Thora Hird, it was set in an old nursing home and she is trying to remember many important things that have happened in her life but she struggles with this as she has had a stroke and even has trouble with her vocabulary. In this, drama Bennet uses a variety of different methods to make us, the audience, feel sorry for Violet, including; camera work, sad music, stage directions (Fade and pause) and the actress' facial expressions, these are all known as "Dramatic Devices". Every day Violets deteriorating health (mental and physical), also elevate our sympathy for Violet as we know that she is near death and because her everyday routine is so strict and she has no use of her legs. ...read more.


The "Fades" become more frequent towards the end as she starts to lose the use of her limbs until we assume that her death has occurred. There are many pauses and ellipsis throughout the monologue, these ellipses are to symbolise Violets ongoing struggle with words and when she has to catch her breath to continue speaking. The amount of these ellipses also increases as the monologue progresses because she finds it harder to breathe and she cannot think of the suitable words to use. Before the monologue, Violet suffered a stroke, and it has made her lose the use of her legs and has made her totally dependent on the staff at the nursing home, we know this because she said that Francis and Devon had to get her ready for her lay down and she has to be dressed by the nurses this must be very degrading for Violet as she has so much life experience and yet she is treated as a helpless, pathetic baby, this also gets worse as the story unravels and as she loses control of even more parts of her body. ...read more.


dies, Violet is heartbroken by this because Francis was her best friend, shortly after Francis' death, her other best friend, Rene, dies and as the staff are preparing her body, they are giggling and not showing Rene any respect, this makes Violet very miserable because she knows that this is going to happen to her. This makes me feel bad for Violet because she knows how she is going to pass away. Bennet has made us feel sorry for violet in many ways as I have mentioned and described in this essay, but some of the strategies used word better than others and some work together like, the music working with the camera work and Violets facial expressions, also the strategic use of laughter makes us feel sorry for Violet because it makes the depressive sections worse as we question how someone can be so happy and then so sad afterwards. Overall I think that Bennet has successfully made the audience feel sympathy for Violet in this drama. Simon Stahly ...read more.

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