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How does hand hygiene compliance amongst nurses reduce the risks of infection to vulnerable patients?

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How does hand hygiene compliance amongst nurses reduce the risks of infection to vulnerable patients? ________________ In order to address the question formulated for this assignment, it will demonstrate why evidence and knowledge are important both academically and professional when becoming a nurse in reference with key issues that were raised from the case study. Furthermore, will discuss the search strategy used to gather relevant literature to obtain evidence based information in hand hygiene compliance and how this would reduce the risk of infection to vulnerable patients within a hospital environment. Finally the assignment will also be supported and accurately represented by reference to literature by using the Sheffield Hallam University (SHU) Harvard system. Evidence -based practice is defined by Dawes et al (2005 p.7) as ?Decisions about health and social care based on the best available, current, valid and relevant evidence and decisions should be made by those who are receiving the care, informed by the tacit and explicit knowledge of those providing care, within the context of available resources?. Evidence- based practice is becoming extremely important within the healthcare sector (Craig and Smyth 2007). ...read more.


It is seen that nurses undertake approximately 80% of patient care (Storr and Clayton-Kents 2004). Therefore this would be seen as nurses having a vital part to play in reducing the risks of harm bacteria being transmitted across to patients. So nurses having a good standard of hand hygiene when involved in patient care is seen as the most effective measure in reducing the spread of health care associated infections (Department of Health 2008). According to Jeanes (2005), nurses hands often contain transient flora that has been acquired from either direct or indirect contact from patients in their care, therefore if the transient flora hasn?t been washed off their hands, could result in harmful pathogenic microbes being passed on to vulnerable patients. However Storr and Clayton-Kents (2004) also argue that resident flora is something that every nurse also has on their hands naturally, as these act like a natural defence mechanism to protect the body from harmful bacteria, but resident flora being transferred to vulnerable patients, increases the chances of infections occurring, if basic hand hygiene has not been carried out. Having a good standard of hand hygiene technique is also an essential factor in reducing the risk of infections to patients (Gould et al 2008). ...read more.


It also mentioned global and national improvements in improving had compliance amongst all health care professionals. Finally the assignment was also supported with accurately represented by reference to literature by using the SHU Harvard system. Having carried out this assignment, its helped with the understanding the need as nurse to support their practice by evidence both academically and professionally, as this has a significant impact on their delivery of care to their patents. Therefore having up to date knowledge and understanding on hand hygiene which is supported evidence is seen as good practice in reducing health care associated infections to vulnerable patients. The assignment has shown that hand hygiene is vitally important in reducing the number infections that are transferred patents when nurses are providing care. Therefore all nurses should adhere to both hospitals policies and procedures and also adhering to the NMC code of conduct, in not complying with these guidelines could result in formal action being taken as this is seen as a fundamental part in reducing the number of health care associated infections and saving patients lives as a result of this. ...read more.

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