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I will discuss and identify a nursing skill whilst on placement. The nursing skill I will be discussing is bed bathing a male patient.

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Transfer-Encoding: chunked BM due 20th ... Assignment 2 Skills demonstration Aim: In this assignment I am going to talk about how carried out a skill demonstration on my client whilst on my work placement who has Parkinson?s disease. I will be focused on how my skills demonstration went, present the booklet of the task performed and my understanding of care settings, health and safety my application of concepts associated with caring for the older people went. Objectives: I will discuss and identify a nursing skill whilst on placement. The nursing skill I will be discussing is bed bathing a male patient. A bed bath in this incident was necessary as the patient was unable to mobilise himself to the bathroom due to his advance stage of Parkinson?s disease and his age I will be presenting a booklet matching the steps I took in the skills demonstration Introduction: I performed this skills demonstration took place during my work placement at my local hospital. I will be talking about the how the bed bath task I performed, how I prepared the task and the steps I took in order to achieve my goals on helping out my client on the personal hygiene as well as nursing care for an older person with Parkinson type dementia. To achieve this, I will define dementia and describe the impact of the problem created by the disorder on him as an elderly patient. I will identify the relevant health and safety issues relating to my patient and how the task was carried out. I will also talk about my skills during the task and how I communicated with my patient throughout. As well present my booklet of my tasks and how I performed the task. Also how I Identified the correct tools to use for the task and how I ensured hygiene and safety while performing my task. Case study Throughout my assessment in order to maintain confidentiality and protect the patient's identity, which is in line with the ...read more.


Having good communication helps in exchanging information, messages etc. I spoke slowly, at a normal level (not too loud), using a low-pitched (rather than a "Minnie Mouse") voice. In addition, I had to gain consent verbally in order to start my bed bath task. I approached Tommy in a calm and gentle way and spoke in a low tone. A non-verbal cue (i.e. smile, touch) was also used in my communication with him, the rational was to show warmth, acceptance and interest. I spoke to my patient as an adult even though I did not know how much he was understanding, the rationale for this was to make him comfortable I spoke to him in a professional and respective manner I was fully aware that speaking rapidly, loudly, or in a very high-pitched voice can be overwhelming or upsetting for someone with his condition. Body language My body language was very open and welcoming towards my patient so he would not feel intimidated by me. I listened to my patient. I was fully aware that speaking rapidly, loudly, or in a high-pitched voice can be overwhelming or upsetting for someone with condition. I also used the active listening skills and facial expression. I spoke in a clear and coherent manner so that my patient could understand what I was saying. I also gave him and his wife some feedback on Tommy`s care, health and how well he was doing, because it is essential that the patient knows at all times what her condition is and how the treatment care is going. Used humour whenever possible. His body language gave me a good insight into how glad he was, he expressed a smile on his face which indicated he was happy throughout the task. he seemed relaxed and not troubled or uncomfortable My body language was very open and welcoming towards my patient so he would not feel intimidated by me the rationale for this was to make him feel comfortable. ...read more.


* Epilepsy - a neurological disorder marked by sudden recurrent episodes of sensory disturbance, loss of consciousness, or convulsions, associated with abnormal electrical activity in the brain. Different support groups for these illnesses? * Asthma Society of Ireland * Action Breast Cancer * Diabetes Federation of Ireland * Brainwave ? The Irish Epilepsy Association End of life issues for the older person Role of the external and voluntary services that promote the well being of the older person Conclusion To conclude I will say my involvement with Tommy has improved my skill and attitude especially my non-verbal communication skills. This experience has made me realised that caring for a patient with advanced dementia could be both physically and emotionally stressful as they solely dependent on the carers, but it was worth it. I was able to achieve all my aims and objectives that I had set for this task . my Client was more relaxed and comfortable in my care , my ability to carry out this task was effective and correct I practiced excellent organisational skills throughout the task and all the staff I need were available. I would say the skills benefited mt client has it provided him with cleanness and relaxed his muscle from the bed bath due to the warm wash cloth I was using. Recommendations * I would shower while he sits on his chair instead of partial bed bath as I feel the help of running water would help him relax more than just wiping him. * I would recommend use of wipes instead of wet cloths * I would recommend doing the bath while he sitting up as I feel it would be easy for washing his back * I would recommend participation in music programmes, watching movies, visits to the church, activity wise * I would get a male nurse to help me shower my patient as it would help both me and the patient to get things done quicker. * I would recommend use of disposable wipes instead of wash cloth because I feel they are more hygienic. ...read more.

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