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"Increased use of technology is a blessing and a curse."

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History "Increased use of technology is a blessing and a curse." I think that this statement is true. Modern surgery has both its good points and its bad points. However, I think that the good points outweigh the bad points. Surgery and medicine has come a long way since prehistoric times. Indeed, even when compared to standards of the Renaissance, the improvements are remarkable. New discoveries in the last few centuries, mainly in anaesthetics and antiseptics, have ensured that complicated surgery can be carried out, with a very high chance of the patient surviving. People can now have heart transplants, kidney transplants, lung transplants etc. Almost any organ in the body can now be transplanted. In fact, some people have even had arm or leg transplants! This can lead to problems. In the future, there may be cases where people are walking around with two different arms from two different people, the same for the legs, with someone else's heart and lungs. ...read more.


The maintenance of machines contributes to this increase, but the place where most of the money goes is on research. Machines and medicines are always being improved. This benefits the patient, but it also costs more. Research has enabled modern surgery and technology to become more than just a dream. To be truthful, during the 20th century, not many real discoveries have been made. Scientists have always been looking for ways to improve previous discoveries or inventions. If improvements had not been made, operations would still be performed using Joseph Lister's carbolic spray. Now we have antiseptics which can be used both inside and outside the body, and which are safe for both doctors and patients. On a similar note, anaesthetics have come a long way. Once upon a time, an anaesthetic came in the form of a knock to the head. It solved the problem of killing the pain while the operation was being performed, but afterwards you had a terrible headache! ...read more.


However, some drugs have alarming side effects. People don't know anything about these side effects until they read in the newspapers or see on TV that somebody has died from a new drug. Although the drug may be very successful at fighting disease, people will be wary of it because of the side effects. A good example of the side effects of drugs is given here: When you go to the doctor's for medicine for a cold, the doctor will give you antibiotics. How many colds do you have in a lifetime? Lots. The germs that cause colds soon become immune to the antibiotics. This means that the next time you get cold, it will not be so easy to cure, because the germs will be immune to the medicines, so doctors have to find new medicines which will kill the germs. The germs become super-germs. It takes a lot to kill them. So, to sum everything up. I think that modern surgery and technology is a very good thing, but I would warn doctors against going too far. As long as they don't overdo things, I think that technology will continue to improve and benefit everyone. Louise Jones 10w ...read more.

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