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May Sarton's novel, As We Are Now - summary.

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Services for Long-Term Care Written Assignment #1 As We Are Now by Bobbie Coster February 20, 2004 As We Are Now May Sarton's novel, As We Are Now, tells the story of 76 year old Caroline (Caro) Spencer who has been placed in a nursing home by her family to live. However, Caro feels she has been dumped, abandoned, and left to die in what she refers to as a "concentration camp for the old.1" To pass time and retain sanity, Caro begins recording her past and present experiences in a journal. It is her hope that this so-called "Book of the Dead" will help prepare her for her death.1 Caroline's journal helps us to see why long-term care is so heavily regulated today. Many administrators would agree that state and federal regulations have, in some areas, reached and even exceed their maximum utility. ...read more.


Each time Caro spoke out on her fellow inmates or her behalf, she was punished by being drugged, restrained, and confined.2 Presently, such poor treatment would result in state or federal sanctions. Today Caroline would most likely become an active participant in choosing the facility in which she would live. Many resources are available today to help individuals choose a suitable home. One resource tool, which has increased in popularity in past years, is to perform an online search. For instance, the DIA has a website listing report cards for all Iowa long-term care facilities. It should also be considered a standard to perform a physical assessment of the facility and to interview staff. Some of the most popular facilities for the elderly are introducing a concept known as resident (patient) ...read more.


With resident centered care, Caro could make the long-term care facility a home and not just a place to end her life in. If Caroline were to increase her physical well-being in a nursing facility, she would be an excellent candidate for a number of services such as home health care, adult day care, and independent living. It is very possible that Caroline would have been able to keep her own home and have daily assistance with her housekeeping, laundry, and dietary needs.2 For instance, many physically frail individuals take advantage of the local meals on wheels program which provides individuals at least one meal a day for a small fee. In conclusion, while the past of long-term care was unfortunate, the present is looking up. With regulations guiding quality of care, the conception of resident centered care, and the inception of alternative personal care options, individuals like May Sarton's Caroline Spencer can be assured of the highest practicable quality of life when faced with the long-term care decision. ...read more.

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