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MRSA research Article

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Introduction and Terms of Reference Research is about finding out, finding solutions to problems, it is also about helping you evaluate the research for others. The term research can have several meanings, Kerlinger (1973) describes Research as 'the systematic, controlled empirical and critical investigation of hypothetical propositions about the presumed relations among natural phenomena', it was also described by Waltz and Bausell (1981) as 'Research is a systematic, formal rigorous and precise process employed to gain solutions to problems and or to discover and interpret new facts and relationships'. The function of research is to create or test a theory to get results, research is essential in health to tackle the increasing challenges that disease and ill health place on our society. I have chosen to research an article based on the topic of 'Patients feelings about hand washing, MRSA status and patient information'. In my opinion this is a current hot topic with a lot of media attention surrounding the subject it also fits the criteria given to me by the university. Hospitals have come into the spotlight recently due to the large amount of people contracting MRSA when going into hospital for procedures. This has highlighted the need for extra vigilance in cleaning the wards and also the fact that some wards have been found to be not of a good cleanliness standard and health care professionals are not washing their hands as much as they should be. ...read more.


had problems such as lack of literature on a particular subject ' there was a significant lack of studies in the literature to link the availability of patient information about MRSA and hand hygiene to their willingness to question healthcare professionals about hand hygiene practice'. They also compare one authors views to another giving an informative start to the article, there are no sweeping statements as the authors provides evidence to support their comments with authorative references throughout. The article is informative and appropriately written with a good sound structure, it can be easily read and flows allowing you to follow the subject through and identify the subject area and identifies the problem. Finally all of the evidence is supported with a bibliography, in order for you to check references and for further reading. I feel the references are adequate and overall the review covers the articles intentions sufficiently. Methodology A pilot study was used in this particular research, where the researchers used 12 patients from a large mixed ward of a hospital, this was to test the adequacy of the questionnaire and to make the information more accurate and relevant. The main questionnaire used illustrations and easy to identify symbols to ensure all levels of intelligence could answer the questions easily and honestly. ...read more.


The results were correlated between those who had experiences with MRSA and those who had not, this I felt was very thorough as, the results found that those who had had MRSA in the past were more active in asking nurses to wash their hands, this although needed to be investigated was a more obvious result for me as those who had contracted MRSA in the past are familiar of the dangers of the disease and how easily it can be spread than those with no experiences so would be more vigilant on cleanliness. Conclusion and Recommendations Conclusions are supported by the results obtained, the main findings being that not enough information on MRSA was available on the site, statistical analysis demonstrated a strong link between the patient feeling anxious about asking healthcare professionals to wash their hands when there was less information about MRSA and hand hygiene. Implications of the study are briefly mentioned, suggesting longitudinal studies, looking at differing cultures and demographic settings may be more suitable when researching patient's beliefs. Further research could be focused on readmission rates of MRSA positive patients. It could be determined whether readmission to hospital has any impact on patient's confidence to challenge health care professionals about hand hygiene practices, this potentially could be a good comparative study with a new set of results. ...read more.

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