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Nursing case studies - planning a clinical trial and the importance of documentation.

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ASSESSMENT 1: CASE STUDY [PART B] CASE STUDY 1 INTRODUCTION Karla is a Registered Nurse working in an Aged Care Facility. She was working as an RN in South Sea Island Village previously. When she was working there, she had seen the miraculous cure of chronic wounds by the treatment with some crushed leaves soaked in salt solution. Karla had an idea to run her own clinical trial in the same issue at the faculty where she is working, as there will be more cases with chronic wounds, because they are aged people. This discussion paper reviews the issues and consequences that Karla may face while she is in trail. ISSUES AND CONSEQUENCES - A SET OF GUIDELINES TO AVOID THEM ANMC Code of Professional Conduct for Nurses in Australia (2008) explains, "Practice in accordance with laws relevant to the nurse's area of practice". Karla was working in a South Sea Island Village, which impact on the scope of practice of rural and remote area nurses, are inadequate preparation for the role, lack of access to education and training, personal and professional isolation and the lack of anonymity [Context of nursing - Dally, Speedy & Jackson (2006)]. If Karla wants to do her trail in the aged care facility, she has to get permission and she has to equalize herself with the guidelines provided as follows. ...read more.


Medical Surgical Nursing, Mosby, USA Savage P (2007) Legal Issues for Nursing Students, Pearson Education, Sydney Australian Nurses and Midwives Council (ANMC) 2008, code of professional conduct for nurses in Australia viewed on 1 may 2009, http://www.anmc.org.au/docs/Research%20and%20Policy/Codes%20Project/New%20Code%20of%20Professional%20Conduct%20for%20Nurses%20August%202008.pdf Queensland Nursing council (QNC) 2005, Scope of nursing practice framework for nurses and midwives, viewed on 1 may 2009 www.qnc.qld.gov.au/home/content.aspx?content=Nursing_&_Midwifery_Practice/Scope_of_practice_framework,_2005 www.qnc.qld.gov.au/upload/pdfs/qnc_policies/Scope_of_practice_framework_for_nurses_and_midwives.pdf CASE STUDY 2 INTRODUCTION The hospital management have identified that the staff are only partially filling the admission and discharge documentation. The issue has been discussed in the staff meetings for past two months. According to staff, they are too busy to document completely as documentation of the key components itself takes long enough. The management had initiated some education for the staff to promote compliance with the documentation policies. Three months later, a client who had negative outcomes two weeks ago sent a complaint to the health commissioner. The hospital retrieved the records and found incomplete. These papers discuss the above case in relation to professional communication, documentation and care what might an investigator of the complaint about this matter use to access and judge situation. PROFESSIONAL COMMUNICATION Every interaction that we have with another person at work is a communication. ...read more.


A Dictionary of Nursing. Oxford University Press. 2008.Encyclopedia.com. 22 May. 2009 <http://www.encyclopedia.com>] CONCLUSION Proper documentation helps in ensuring good quality patient care. The investigator looks at the negative outcomes and the evidences that are available. The investigator uses the triangular method ie documentation, observation & interview to assess the situation. The investigator checks all the entries whether it is legible or not. In this way, the investigator assesses and judges the situation. REFERANCE A Dictionary of Nursing.( 2008.) Oxford University Press. Encyclopedia.com. cited on 19 May. 2009 http://www.encyclopedia.com Crisp J, Taylor C (2005) Potter &Perry's Fundamentals of Nursing, Elsevier, NSW Savage P (2007) Legal Issues for Nursing Students, Pearson Education, Sydney Scott R W (2000) Legal Aspects of Documenting Patient Care, London Queensland Nursing Council(QNC) 2005, Professional Documentation Standards viewed on 16 may 2009 www.qnc.qld.gov.au/upload/pdfs/information...of..._/Framework_information_sheet_03_Professional_documentation_standards Bartholomew, K 2008, Improve the nursing image with professional communication December 30, viewed on 12 ,may 2009 http://blogs.hcpro.com/nursemanagers/2008/12/improve-the-nursing-image-with-professional-communication/ Nurses Board South Australia (NBSA) 2005, Guidelines for Documentation viewed on 13 may 2009 www.nursesboard.sa.gov.au/word/1st_Draft_Consultation_Guidelines_for_Documentation.doc University of Southern Queensland (USQ), Professional Communication Week 2, viewed on 14 may 2009 http://www.usq.edu.au/course/material/NUR1010/Lectures/NUR1010%20Professional%20Communication%20Week2.ppt ?? ?? ?? ?? Legal Assessment 1 Part B CAS STUDENT NUMBER - CAS 1341 LIBIN PALLUPPETTAYIL JOSE Legal Assessment 1 Part B CAS STUDENT NUMBER - CAS 1341 LIBIN PALLUPPETTAYIL JOSE ...read more.

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