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Nursing education and training is being questioned as the debate continues what is the most effective way to prepare nurses for the demands of the 21st Century (Newland, 2008). The article by Roberta J. Emerson, On Becoming a Nurse presents

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The Education Debate Nursing is an active profession that continues to change and grow. (Francis, 2008). The history of nursing is extensive and has therefore significantly influenced nursing preparation over time and the current form of the profession today. Therefore it comes as no surprise that in recent times, the way in which today's nurses are prepared has been heavily focused on in Australia (Francis, 2008). As a result nursing education and training is being questioned as the debate continues what is the most effective way to prepare nurses for the demands of the 21st Century (Newland, 2008). The article by Roberta J. Emerson, 'On Becoming a Nurse' presents a number of arguments towards the debate. Arguments from the article include; why training nurses is no long appropriate, why the terms education and training are not the same and why education prepares nurses for the 21st century more efficiently than training. ...read more.


Additionally, the education of nurses has enabled nursing to achieve a long awaited accomplishment of becoming an established profession and a vital component of health services today (Gebbie, 2009). To maintain this profession, nurses must be educated. Education has also been seen to develop what training cannot. Education better prepares nurses as it enables nurses to develop knowledge, qualities and skills that provide patients with optimum care, which training cannot provide. Nurses cannot be trained to communicate well nor can they be trained to feel or be compassionate towards caring for patients, it requires education. This is evident in a number of different ways. Firstly, education enables nurses to be effective in giving patients compassionate and effective care, compared to nurses who were prepared in the tyrannical leadership training of the past (Bartels, 2005). Secondly, nurses are required to be patient and tolerant with not only patients but also fellow colleagues as well possess communication skills of a critically high standard (McKinnon, 2009). ...read more.


To face the demands of the 21st century, it is vital for nurses to be qualified and qualification today is achieved through education (McKinnon, 2009). In addition, education better prepares nurses, due to increasing knowledge and advanced technology within the health care system, education changes its curriculum to meet these demands (Masters, 2009, p 308). Therefore, education reflects the changing health needs of the society (McKinnon, 2009). It is clearly evident that education results in the development of better prepared nurses and that education will persist in incorporating what is deemed valuable in the nursing profession (Crotty, 1993). Therefore, it is clearly evident that education better prepares nurses for the 21st Century and beyond for the reasons that education develops the knowledge base nurses need to expand continually, that education develops a number of qualities, skills and abilities that training cannot provide nurses with and education is continually changing to prepares nurses for the ever changing society and health care system. It is therefore conclusive that education has been supported wholly in that it better prepares nurses for 21st century and into the future. ...read more.

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