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Nursing Homes. The main objective of this research work is to assess the development of a skilled nursing health care facility and determine its foremost customers, stake holders, workforce and composition of nursing home, monetary sources and challenges

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Nursing Homes The main objective of this research work is to assess the development of a skilled nursing health care facility and determine its foremost customers, stake holders, workforce and composition of nursing home, monetary sources and challenges faced by this health care service. Overview Nursing Homes or rest houses are more often than not called as advanced and skillful nursing and healing centers. Nursing attention is generally catered for people who need long-term care or healing after surgical operation or are regaining health from a more severe health situation like a stroke. These health care centers accommodate all of the personal care and services needs. Nursing homes provide a cost-effective way to facilitate patients with wounds; severe sicknesses or postoperative attention needs to recover in surroundings other than a genuine hospital. On average, 38 out of 100 old age patients will stabilize enough to go home in a given year. The vacant space will be covered by new patients. Nursing homes are usually owned by private individuals who run this business in order to gain profit. On the contrary, this health care setting can also be a part of some other health care provider. On the whole, nursing homes are mainly classified under three major ownerships: * For-profit (66 percent) ...read more.


They're the principal health care providers in a nursing home. A certified nurse aides helps patients with routine activities. Basic functions executed by certified nurse aides include answering patients call signals, turning and repositioning bedridden patients, to forbid pressure ulcer, regular observation of patient's condition and feeding patients who cannot feed themselves. Almost 98 percent of nurse aides are female, 74 percent constitutes minorities, and only 8 percent of them have more than a high school education (Castle, Engberg, Anderson). The primary users of nursing homes are the elderly people with age 65 years and above. Health care needs for every elderly patient are different from one another. Some of them may need long-term assistance, perhaps due to more severe disease, severe weakness, or a heart attack. Other persons may only require a less assistance for injuries received due to small accident, which requires a short-lived stay at hospital followed by healing. They are normally allowed to go home after their brief stay at hospital. The patients may still be getting some medical assistance at home till fully recovered. How does this setting interface with other settings in the health care delivery system? Generally health care delivery systems are categorized based on the intensity of health care that is offered within each health care system. ...read more.


These increases will place a heavy load on Medicaid and finally on taxpayers, most of whom are working-age grownups. at the moment, there are about 5 working-age adults per senior, but by 2030, there will only be 2.9, which is a 40 percent decline (Melnyk). This decline will occur while both the need for and cost of long-term care increase. The 76 million Americans born between 1946 and 1964 correspond to the "baby boom" generation. In 1999, baby boomers represented almost 30 percent of the U.S. population. Over the next 12 to 30 years, the boomers will join the ranks of the residents 65 years and older. While one in eight Americans was 65 or older in 1999, this will rise to about one in five in 2030 ("Aging Statistics"). The long-term care industry will be forced to confront the challenge of who is going to care for these "baby boomers" and how it will be financed. In conclusion, administration could broaden more power in several stages of involvement. A first stage could involve the Federal Government unifying the Medicaid compensation process by enforcing the same rules all over the country. Some states do a poor job of handling Medicaid compensation, other states do a fair job and others do a good job. Federal equalization might make it fairer for everyone. ...read more.

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