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University Degree: Nursing

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  1. Restlessness and Agitation.

    I also found out that his two daughters whom he loved very much could calm him down very easily, while the staffs at the home had never managed to do so. By reading his past history, I found out that as a young person, he had a very active and busy life as a bar staff, and a cab driver. During his outbursts he seemed to be living in his past, thinking he was a bar staff and doing his job staking all the furniture before the closure of the bar.

    • Word count: 1966
  2. Management in Health Care Organisations.

    and highlights the benefits in terms of improved quality of care and increased patient satisfaction, that should occur as a result of the implementation of EBP. However the profession still appears at times to struggle to base practice and the development of services on research findings. In order to facilitate and support health care professionals in having the necessary knowledge and skills to deliver EBP, it is essential that their employing organisation encourage this approach (Haddock and McSherry, 1999). Over the past 15 years, health organisations have become so concerned with ensuring 'financial governance' (balancing the books)

    • Word count: 4606
  3. Consider the option to either invest in an already built nursing home in Harrow or to build a new nursing home altogether.

    Also in catering to the Muslim elderly community, it is important to take into account their requirements such as their need for a prayer room and also having different dietary requirements such as halal1 food. Also specialist staff will be needed to overcome the language barrier as there should be easy communication between the caretakers and the elderly people. However if I buy the existing nursing home, it is fully intact with all the equipment although I would have to replace the staff to get caretakers who can speak Urdu or regional languages.

    • Word count: 3503
  4. Drama course work portfolio.

    of her and wants her to do her best and Annaliese is a sixteen year old girl which is just about to start her exams, he isn't as close to Annaliese as Corrine. My wife is called Emalou and he loves her very much but there has been some trouble lately. We used hot seating to find out our personalities and a technique where we pushed against each other to create tension and anger for our argument scene. We found out that our characters were natural to us and how they felt going through a tough stage in their lifetime.

    • Word count: 2031
  5. "A qualitative study of nurses' attitudes and practices regarding brief alcohol intervention".

    (Cranston 2002). A key element of clinical governance is clinical effectiveness. Clinical effectiveness is the most efficient and cost-effective way to assess, organise, deliver and evaluate care and treatment in order to achieve the maximum benefit for patients. (Parahoo 1997). It encompasses the use of quality improvement measures such as audit standards and clinical guidelines. (McClarey and Duff 1997; Hewitt-Taylor 2002). Implementing research-based evidence and improving patient care as a result can be seen as practising clinical effectiveness. (Cranston 2002). If research is inadequately conducted or reported it can have an unfavourable affect on the patient.

    • Word count: 4555
  6. Carry out an assessment of a patient and present a plan of care of a specific problem that the patient has encountered.

    (Roper et al 1996). It emphasises on prevention and helps patients with problems relating to activities of living. The model consists of two parts, 'A Model for Living' and 'A Model for Nursing'. The Model for Living has five interrelated elements, twelve activities of living lifespan, independence-dependence continuum, influencing factors and individuality. (Roper et al 2001). The activities are based on the idea of basic human needs and can be used as the criteria for assessment. (Roper et al 1996). Lifespan influences the individual's behaviour in each activity of living, as each person has a lifespan from birth to death such as childhood and adolescence.

    • Word count: 2580
  7. How Nurses Learn Advocacy.

    Title The title, How Nurses Learn Advocacy, is to the point of the article's purpose. The title does not reflect, however, the limitation of the sample. I believe a better general title would be the following: How Military Nurses Learn Advocacy. The original title still provides insight into what the article is trying to accomplish. The title does imply a qualitative research approach because it is hard to quantify a person's learning experience of developing a skill. Research Problem The research problem is the following (Foley et al., 2002): Patient Advocacy is assumed to be an inherent part of all nursing curricula and present in clinical practice settings.

    • Word count: 1838
  8. Discuss the student nurse role and the clinical skills used to meet the moving and handling needs of patients nursed on a module one mental health clinical placement.

    The code advocated a 50kg (8 stone) weight limit for a patient being lifted by two nurses and set out 'ideal conditions' which must first apply. The effect was to exclude virtually all manual lifting by nurses and the policy has helped change attitudes to patient handling (RCN 1999). This has been addressed by the use of mechanical hoists and other lifting equipment. Additionally the N.H.S trust now adopts a policy of no lifting, among other concerns this was highlighted by the amount of sickness caused by injury to the back.

    • Word count: 2532
  9. Personal statement.

    I have always wanted to pursue a career that revolved around helping others and one which is beneficial to humanity, as the welfare of other people is very important to me. Entry into a career such as pharmacy would be ideal for me, since I have a great interest in chemistry and in practical work. I also enjoy working in a team and I'm good at handling responsibility. To gain some experience, I went to a dentist's surgery and worked as a dental nurse, while the professional dental nurse was away.

    • Word count: 609
  10. Highlight the importance of communication when establishing a good patient nurse relationship, the effects that communication can have on this relationship and the problems that can arise from ineffective communication.

    COMMUNICATION "Communication is the basic element of human interaction that allows people to establish, maintain and improve contact with others." (Heath 1995 pg 275). There are two schools of thought in communication, process and semiotic or sign schools. Process is concerned with the transmission of messages. It focuses on how the message is sent and received. It concentrates on the way in which messages are transmitted and the channels of communication used i.e. touch, hearing, sight etc. Whereas the semiotic school is concerned with how the message is interpreted.

    • Word count: 930
  11. Whose Life Is It Anyway?

    Later, he compares Dr Emerson to doctor Frankenstein and himself to the monster who should now be released. This image of him shows he is angry about not being able to function like a normal human being. Ken Harrison is angry because his verility is in question. Ken lets everyone involved with him know how he is feeling through his sexual jokes aimed at the nurses. He seems to do this because this is the one part of him the medical profession cant repair. Ken twists the sister's words when she renters the room: - Sister: "Have you finished nurse?"

    • Word count: 2403
  12. This assignment objectively looks at my developmental trajectory with growth in adult nursing from the novice level, advanced beginner and through to the competent practitioner level.

    As a nursing student the portfolio is used in assessment of my learning and competence in the nursing education. In this holistic approach to competence I have been taught to utilise reflection as a basis of developing my professional judgement, using Kolb's (1983) experiential learning cycle. Reflection in my course has been a way to empower me to become fully cognisant of my knowledge and actions to sustain myself in practice, nursing experiences, personal and professional development (Street, 1991).from image to action reflection in nursing practice.

    • Word count: 1936
  13. Nursing the adult with acute care needs.

    The nursing staff have explained to Mr. Brown that it is not so simple and that she will need a lot of care when she goes home. There is also communication problems with Mrs. Brown as communication has been impaired since the stroke we have tried to explain to her what has happened and what will happen but are not sure how much she has understood due to our difficulties in understanding her. I will go into communication in more detail with regards to Mrs.

    • Word count: 1177
  14. I think that the most effective story was "The Call" because it is more understandable and easy than the "The Old Nurse's Story" and it was written in 1989 and it is modern and set up in North England.

    Both of these stories are ghostly genre. In "The Old Nurse's Story" the storyteller was the nurse. And in "The Call" the storyteller was the security man of the Samaritans. Tension Built Up: When the ghost was talking on the phone to Meg and Geoff and the six phone calls. 'Why do you think he's going to kill me?' The weather in "The Call" was another thing that made the tension built up. It was cold, snowy and isolated. ' Christ I'm so cold' (and the fog is coming down).

    • Word count: 1043
  15. Compare Elizabeth Gaskell’s “The Old Nurse’s Story” with “The Call” by Robert Westall. Which do you think is more successful?

    Quite often there is bad weather such as thunder and lightening, heavy rain, fog and snow. The bad weather can create a spooky atmosphere and also a sense of vulnerability and isolation. Sometimes the bad weather in ghost stories brings down telephone lines, so there can be no communicating with people, adding to the isolation. Ghost stories often start slowly in ordinary every day situations, and gradually build up to create tension, suspense and fear. There are often signs throughout the story that things are not quite as they should be and that there are strange things going on.

    • Word count: 1252
  16. Counselling Case Study

    had not helped. Another contributing factor were, staff attitudes toward the client. These were mostly negative. One member of staff said, " Good luck with her, you will soon find out, she's beyond help". This influenced my perception of Carol, making me negative before the fact, which served to make the task of being client centred more complicated, consequently making me more determined to understand this accepting 'way of being' described by Rogers (1989). What is a client centred approach?

    • Word count: 5913
  17. Nursing : Single Sex Wards

    Due to the nature of the problems in mental health, it can be difficult for the patient to give information, sometimes of a deeply personal in nature, if the environment is not right. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the nurse to ensure that the patient is content with their key worker, that they are allowed privacy, allowing them to disclose this deeply personal information about themselves and to feel comfortable in doing that. A philosophy shared by Edwards (1998)

    • Word count: 3514
  18. Florence Nightingale.

    Florence was so well trained that she became superintendent of the Hospital for Invalid Gentlewomen in London in 1853. In 1854 the Crimean war broke out. When Florence read about the appalling conditions at the British Hospital barracks she immediately wrote to the British Secretary of War volunteering her services to work in the hospitals. Unaware of this the Minister of War was proposing that she should take charge of all nursing operations at the War front. Florence set off with 38 British nurses for Scutari (now part of Istanbul, Turkey)

    • Word count: 636
  19. Dirge of the Dead Sisters

    In the first stanza Kipling asks "Who recalls the.... Faces of the Sisters with the dust upon their hair?" He asks this because the answer would most likely be very few people, when the true hero's in the war were actually heroines such as the nurses that followed in the path that Florence Nightingale had set them. Kipling continues by describing the gory corpses "Blanket-hidden bodies, flagless, followed by the flies", by flagless he means undefined, no longer soldiers fighting for their country, but corpses awaiting their burial.

    • Word count: 367
  20. Nursing Case Study

    More recently she has had four separate admissions usually lasting about 3-4 months presenting each time with similar symptoms. Admission this time was warranted as carol had taken an overdose of 7 x 7.5mg Zopiclone Tablets (Sleeping aids) and 10 x 500mg Paracetamol Tablets. Again she blamed a considerable increase in the intensity of her noises and voices and the feelings of anxiety and agitation. Rationale for choice Carol offers both colleagues and myself a dilemma. In four recent attempts to help carol efforts have been ineffective. Probably lending to carols apparent lack of enthusiasm for suggestions made by staff.

    • Word count: 3137
  21. Margaret Sanger was a pioneering advocate for birth control in the United States, along with Asia and Europe, during the 20th century. Review of her autobiography,

    Soon after the birth, Margaret would be bombarded with questions, from various mothers, on what they could do to prevent having another child to soon. Besides her patients, even though her father disapproved of her being a nurse, the ideals, of generosity and equality, set by her father and the death of her mother along with their struggles financially in daily life were the underlying force that drove her. Margaret believed that the right to decide and choose when to have children was the key to independence, along with economic stability, for women.

    • Word count: 2170
  22. Examining nursing accountability in the context of record keeping

    In other words, it provides others with written evidence as to why certain events or steps have been taken by the nurse creating the written record, whether these prove to be right or wrong. Nevertheless, one definition that includes a more positive view on accountability is that ?it is an innate certainty as an expert that permits a medical attendant to take pride in being straightforward about the way he or she has completed their practice" (Caulfield, 2005: 3).

    • Word count: 1955
  23. Principles of Nursing. For the purposes of this assignment I have chosen Principal A, it is about treating people with dignity, humanity, equality and diversity.

    He was 92 an ex-smoker. This disease is terminal according to ( Garcia-Aymerich 2001). Patient X has been depressed and feels guilty of putting himself and his family through this. He has just been re admitted into the ward the principle of dignity, humanity equality and diversity has been implemented .Whilst checking his vital signs something seems not right. He is starting to deteriorate , he is using his ascesssory muscles. He was finding it difficult to keep his oxygen mask on.

    • Word count: 477
  24. This essay explores the topic of communication and its relevance to clinical practice.

    The information that I would cascade down to the registered practitioner would be the patients observations, any changes in their bowel movements i.e. loose bowels that require monitoring, if they were I pain or if I noticed any markings on their skin (pressure damage) whilst helping with their personal care. Throughout my Trainee Assistant Practitioner training course I have grown in confidence in dealing with any issues regarding my patients, I now feel more confident to speak to the Doctors and any members of the (MDT).

    • Word count: 1084
  25. Essay by trainee practitioner. During my time spent on placement on Intensive Care Unit (ICU) I looked after a young 20 year old male with traumatic head injuries

    During my time spent on placement on Intensive Care Unit (ICU) I looked after a young 20 year old male with traumatic head injuries he was physically and sexually assaulted during a night out in Leeds. He came in to Accident and Emergency (A&E) at 03.20 the patient was intubated and ventilated on arrival he then underwent extensive brain surgery he had a craniotomy in theatre (removal of bone flap) he was admitted to (ICU) at 11.00 after having extensive surgery for a Traumatic brain injury (TBI). He was an unknown patient as all his identity wallet and phone had been stolen, he was clinically dead when he was admitted to (ICU)

    • Word count: 1082

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