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University Degree: Nursing

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  1. What are the issues surrounding Primary Care in the NHS

    Normative - helping people to aspire to quality standards 2. Formative - helping people in their professional development 3. Restorative - offering people support in the difficulties they experience In Proctors thinking, supervision is about empowerment of nurses and helping them be safe and competent at all times. It is paramount that a patient, and a nurse, remains safe at all times during a visit, whether it be a District Nurse (DN) a health visitor (HV) or a Midwife. In the case of a DN visiting a patients home, safety measures would be put in place as to moving and handling, if necessary, such as Slide sheets and Hoists, etc.

    • Word count: 2089
  2. Health issues regarding a patient with chronic Rheumatoid Arthritis

    Carol also considers her age to have a great impact on her mental and physical state. She believes her age is a factor preventing her doing things she used to love such as going to the local labour club in the evening. All of these thoughts and feelings lead to her feelings of depression which contributes to flare ups of her Arthritis becoming more frequent. Along with RA, Carol also has a past medical history of Inflammatory Osteoarthritis, Inflammatory Arthroplathy, high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia and she is a non-insulin dependent diabetic. Section 2 - Cause and Effect of Condition The exact cause of RA is unknown to medical professions and years of research has gone into finding an exact cause, however, as of yet, none have been found.

    • Word count: 3336
  3. Facilitaion of an anger controll group

    Further support comes from Bradbury et al (2007) (Appendix 2) who found that participants who dropped out of Group CBT for anger control were at a higher risk of poor self-esteem and depression, as well as not benefiting from the improvements in anger control enjoyed by the remaining group. Galovski 2002 found that self-referal to anger management was more effective than referral by an external source. His study looked into the use of short term CBT to treat people with 'road rage'the group was constructed of self-referrals and court-referrals of which the self-refferals made a greater improvement in general anger.

    • Word count: 3000
  4. A critical incident report

    The intended meaning may differ from the meaning attached to the message by the receiver. This is not only due to the words used but also by the non-verbal messages that are also sent (Fielding, 1995). Heath (1997) argues that communication occurs in various ways and at diverse levels of awareness. Barber (1993, cited in Heath, 1997) states that communication is concerned with sharing understandings and involves openness to enquiring of another person, with the bearing of attention, perception, receptivity and empathy towards that person. Peplau (1988, cited by Betts, 2002, in Kenworthy et al, 2002)

    • Word count: 3188
  5. From a service users perspective discuss their experiences of care and consider ways in which this knowledge can help you develop your own (nursing) practice

    (2004) found that eighty per cent of depression was managed in primary care. Therefore, it was considered relevant to interview a client who had recent experience of visiting their GP for advice on depression and to discuss the patient's experience of care. Additionally, Faulkner (1997) postulated that depression is thought to be responsible for seventy per cent of suicides in the United Kingdom, making the issue pertinent to a student healthcare professional, whatever branch they are studying. A client, referred to as Mr. S, in order to maintain confidentiality, in line with NMC Code of Professional Conduct, was interviewed concerning a visit made to a GP.

    • Word count: 1269
  6. Reflection on a clinical skill

    I was asked to assess the patient's pressure ulcer and determine which stage it was in. I found that deciding this was difficult as I had limited knowledge of pressure ulcers and the information surrounding the treatments involved. However, my mentor was very reassuring and referred me to a poster that showed the different stages of pressure ulcer development. The patient had partial thickness skin damage involving the epidermis and the dermis. This is classed as a stage two pressure ulcer, based on a grading system devised by Reid and Morison (1994), which was devised specifically for the use on pressure ulcers.

    • Word count: 2439
  7. Select a clinical skill in which you have acquired a competency. reflect upon how you have achieved the necessary level of competence for this stage of the (nursing) programme.

    The clinical skill I have chosen to reflect upon is the measuring and recording of a service user's temperature. The rationale for this choice was the fact that the determination of a patient's temperature is a very important diagnostic tool within the children's branch of nursing, which will be a key skill to my professionalism as a registered nurse. An accurate measurement of temperature is a vital part of a baseline assessment when a child is admitted to hospital. Hockenberry, Wilson, Winkelstein and Kline (2003:180)

    • Word count: 1539
  8. Nursing History

    The history of nursing is almost exclusively a history of women's accomplishments despite the fact that, as early as the fourth and fifth centuries, men have worked as nurses (Evans 2004), Fulfilling the caring role in areas such as asylums, workhouse infirmaries, military services and private associations. The failure to recognise this contribution leaves male nurses today with little information about their professional background and historical position (Mackintosh 1997). The early history of nursing clearly accepts that a place and role for men as nurses existed from earliest times.

    • Word count: 1480
  9. Sandshoe Survey

    * Because there are more cars than available spaces this inhibits health by creating stress and arguments for spaces between neighbours. Parking spaces are a benefit to the communities' health by lowering stress, having cars close to their owners knowing they are safe, although, so few spaces create tension and problems between neighbours. Public Housing Units * There are approximately 6 Public housing complexes in the South Marrickville Area * These can be of benefit to the communities by providing low cost accommodation to people who would otherwise be homeless.

    • Word count: 1868
  10. Study skills

    explained an advantage of using computerized system, because you get an up-to-date listing of all library material that has been checked out, or purchased. Usually, as soon as a new publication is purchased it is automatically added to the on-line catalogue. However, I found the on-line system to be a complete labyrinth, and searching for a subject by entering a title or the author to be confusing and difficult for me to find the location of what I'm looking for, the book is either missing or had been booked out to another student.

    • Word count: 2247
  11. The Endocrine System

    The pancreas, an organ often associated with the digestive system is also considered part of the endocrine system. In addition, some nonendocrine organs are known to actively secrete hormones. These include the brain, heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, thymus, skin and placenta. Structure and Function of Adrenal Glands Hypothalamus The hypothalamus, found deep within the brain, directly control the pituitary gland. It is sometimes described as the coordinator of the endocrine system. When information reaching the brain indicates that changes are3 needed somewhere in the body, nerve cells in the hypothalamus secrete body chemicals that either stimulate or suppress hormone secretions from the pituitary gland. The hypothalamus is the main link between the nervous system and the endocrine system.

    • Word count: 2797
  12. Discuss the care pathway of an adult patient who has undergone a surgical /acute procedure. Critically examine one aspect of this pathway.

    Surgery is normally only carried out as a final resort, after other treatments options have been explored. However, in the case of malignancy a hysterectomy may be a critical aspect of treatment (Walsgrove, 2001). Dysfunctional or heavy uterine bleeding is the most frequent indicator for a hysterectomy, accounting for forty-six percent of hysterectomies (Donaldson, 2006). 31898, women were admitted to hospital in 2005/6 for an abdominal hysterectomy, using 184907 bed days. 182 of these took place at a local hospital (Hospital Episode Statistics 2007). Ninety percent of all hysterectomies that were performed nationally where performed for benign conditions (Edozien, 2005).

    • Word count: 4091
  13. Written assignment that critically examines the effectiveness of policy, frameworks and assessment tools in public health disease management. Discuss the role of the community nurse and multidisciplinary team in empowering individuals and populations in r

    The results of these changes can be seen in the escalating level of obesity within the UK. In 2006 twenty-four percent of adults and sixteen percent of children, aged between two and fifteen, were classed as obese. A dramatic rise when compared to, fifteen percent of adults in 1993 and eleven percent of children in 1995 (National Statistics, 2008). Diabetes and obesity are closely linked; eighty percent of patients that are diagnosed with diabetes are obese at time of diagnosis (Diabetes UK, 2006). Policies that have been implemented to reverse this trend include the five a day program, and the school fruit and vegetable scheme.

    • Word count: 4626
  14. Adult specific assignment relating to the use of health promotion in the acute setting

    However, it is important to note that the statistical data, relating to the termination of pregnancy may not be representative of the termination of unwanted pregnancies. Unwanted pregnancy is not grounds for a termination. Under these circumstances the doctors must consider whether it would be potentially, mentally or physically harmful to the woman, or her existing children for the pregnancy to continue as set out in section 1 (1) (a) of the abortion act. Thus meaning that it may be impossible to collect accurate statistical data relating soley to the termination of unwanted pregnancies, as terminations carried out for other reasons relating to the woman's health may be included.

    • Word count: 2080
  15. personal development plan for student nurses

    Definition from online medical dictionary. http://cancerweb.ncl.ac.uk/cgi-bin/omd?communication During my 35day clinical placement I attended a ward round. I have chosen this particular occasion as I feel the communication between the healthcare professionals and the patient that attended the ward round was poor. I will now give a brief description of who attended the meeting, where it was held and a account of what happened during the meeting. The following Multi-disciplinary team members attended. The consultant, SHO, registered mental health nurse that worked on the ward and myself a student nurse. It took place in a visitors room located within the ward.

    • Word count: 1107
  16. reflection on learning outcomes and progress with nursing traing

    The assessor marked me 3 on a scale of 1 to 5. Even though I had the correct full uniform on the assessor's feedback to me was that this area can always be improved on. In future I will pay more attention to how I present myself and do this to the best of my ability. Before the assessment was carried out I insured that I took the correct measures to demonstrate good practice in infection control. This was the next area the assessor marked. Every health care worker plays a vital part in helping to minimize the risk of cross infection - for example, by making sure that hands are properly

    • Word count: 1663
  17. Airway Handout

    RECOGNITION OF AIRWAY OBSTRUCTION This is best achieved by the "look, listen and feel" approach - Look - for chest and abdominal movement. Listen/Feel - for airway flow at the mouth and nose. In partial obstruction, air movement is diminished and usually noisy. Inspiratory stridor is caused by upper airway obstruction whereas expiratory noises suggest obstruction of the lower airways, which tend to collapse and obstruct during expiration. Other characteristic sounds which may be heard are: "Gurgling" - suggests the presence of liquid or semi-solid foreign material; "Snoring" - common when the pharynx is partially occluded by the tongue; "Crowing" - which accompanies laryngeal spasm.

    • Word count: 5044
  18. Free essay

    interprofessional working, self appraisal

    After the conference, we tried to meet on line but that was impossible as we have different schedules. Then some of the group's members wanted to change the statements that we already had agreed and decided at the conference. I felt that some members of the group just wanted to do the essay their way, making statements of what they were going to do instead of sharing information. They were not accepting others views, this put people away, and that is why I did not feel welcome in the group, not by everyone, I didn't feel that my arguments were listened to by some of the group members.

    • Word count: 3345
  19. decision making by a nurse

    In the first visit, the nurse, needs to assess the patient and the wound. He lives in a council house with his wife and six young children, he said he is monitoring his sugar level every day and they have been constant, patient has stopped smoking and tries to follow a healthy diet but he doesn't do any exercise. He doesn't have any social service coming to his house; his wife is the main carer. The assessment showed that the patient could carry out most of his daily routines on his own and only needs minimal assistance from his wife in things like washing his back or to put socks on.

    • Word count: 3408
  20. application of an essential nursing skill

    When the ventricle contracts it sends a pressure wave down the arterial tree. This distends the artery and is felt as a pulse. It is important that nurses understand that a pulse is not blood pressing against the arterial wall, but it is the pressure wave that is felt, because the pressure wave travels faster that the blood. The pulse is often taken during medical examination, as it indicates a person's state of health. The pulse rate is taken to gather information on the heart rate, pattern of beats or rhythm and the amplitude or strength of the pulse.

    • Word count: 3366
  21. Write an account of your interviewing experiences including the following: a description of the patient and their adaptations to their condition. Your feelings about meeting people with chronic problems and the influence of those feelings on the interview

    Mr G, didn't seem to know very much about the nature of his health difficulties, on asking him what he understood about the problems with his health he confessed; 'I listen to the doctor and take my medication seriously and vigorously but I don't understand my problems a lot.' This brings us onto an interesting debate, what is the best method of managing chronic illness? Anderson and Bury argue the need for a 'reorientation of the focus for care from repairing damage caused by disease, to education, and understanding for living with chronic illness.'

    • Word count: 1545
  22. Infant Hearing Screening - Reflection

    There are many different definitions defining Health Promotion, and the World Health Organisation (1994) defines health promotion as the process of enabling people to increase control over and to improve their health (WHO, 1994), whereas Ewles and Simnet (2003) state that health promotion is about raising the health status of individuals and communities, this means improving health, advancing, supporting, encouraging and placing it higher on personal and public agendas. As part of the pre-registration nursing assignment criteria, a practice outcome is health promotion and this provides an opportunity to personally undertake a review of how needs are assessed for children

    • Word count: 5082
  23. Nursing and Health in Society

    Further studies show that how long one lives, is powerfully shaped by one's place in the hierarchies built around occupation, education and income (Graham 2004). Explanations for poverty tend to fall into two categories, absolute and relative. The first of the two identified forms of poverty is 'absolute' or subsistence level poverty (Thompson and Priestly 1996 p207). Income falls below a set level so that a person does not have the means to be able to secure the basic necessities for living, in terms of food, drink, shelter and clothing.

    • Word count: 4594
  24. Communication and its application to practice.

    However, facial expressions hold the true message and therefore nurses should look more carefully at their patient's expressions when communicating with them. Bradley & Edinberg (1992) state that posture is an area that nurses often overlook, they continue by arguing that posture can communicate a patients emotions, attitude, self-worth and anxiety. Patients with restless hand or foot movements can also be seen to be anxious, nervous or stressed. Sundeen (1998), cited in Balzer (2000), gives a summary of therapeutic communication techniques for nurses.

    • Word count: 3878
  25. Health Promotion a study of alcohol abuse in mental health nursing

    Statistics verified by the British Beer and Pub Association (2004) Saitz, (2005), supports these finding in his recent articles. This risky behaviour is identified in the high level of alcohol related deaths on the road. Dramatically reported, by the Department of Transport (2000) casualty reports. The Prime Ministers Strategy Unit,(2004) commissioned research into the interventions of effective health intervention in the health service. And a specific need for further education in the context of health promotion has been identified. Further more, the Assessment of need for alcohol treatment in England.

    • Word count: 2542

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