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Obesity, Community health and Social care in Scotland

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´╗┐Module Code: NURS07003 Obesity Community health and Social care September 2011 cohort Submission date: 5th July 2012 Word Count:2199 Introduction World Health Organisation (2011) (WHO) defines someone that is obese as someone who has a Body Mass Index (BMI) of greater than 30. ?BMI is measured by a person?s weight in kilograms divided by the square of the person?s height in meters (Kg/M2)? (WHO, 2011). This assignment will look at obesity and how it affects community health and social care; this will be done by looking at local and national policies and guidelines, influences across the lifespan, services and agencies available to help with obesity, and the relevance to nursing practice. Policies and Guidelines (Local and National) The Scottish Government has set out a strategy to help prevent obesity; Healthy Eating, Active Living: An action plan to improve diet, increase physical activity and tackle obesity (2008-2011) is a strategy that aims to explain how the Scottish Government will improve Scotland?s diet, and encourage greater exercise in order to establish a base to tackle obesity, and support people to achieve and maintain a healthy weight are targeted mainly towards those at greatest risk of health inequalities (Scottish Government, 2008). A main objective of the strategy is to improve and maintain natural and built environments to encourage a more active lifestyle, providing opportunities for activities like walking, cycling, and swimming with the aim of preventing obesity in Scotland. (Scottish Government, 2008) with in the strategy it also states it aims to ?Promote healthy food choices, meal preparation and eating habits by communicating practical achievable steps towards the consumption of a healthier diet.? (Scottish Government, 2008 p.19). ...read more.


Weight Watchers have over 6000 classes all over the UK including five in the Dumfries area. (Weight Watchers, 2012(B)) Weight Watchers claim so many people join there club because you can still eat the food you love. ?We'll empower you to make informed choices to continue to lose weight and not lose out on a social life? (Weight Watchers, 2012). Although Weight Watchers is not free it proves to be popular with the public after more than 35 years of service and helping millions of people lose weight (Weight Watchers 2012). Dumfries and Galloway has services such as SONAS, which is a public health service that works with health partnerships to ?raise awareness, educate and build capacity in health improvement in the locality? (NHS, Dumfries and Galloway, 2012 p1) SONAS aims to provide information to the public about health issues and reduce health inequalities within Dumfries and Galloway (NHS, Dumfries and Galloway 2012) including obesity and overweight. SONAS support evidence based projects such as the Dumfries and Galloway Physical Activity strategy, and Healthy eating, Active living improvement plan (NHS, Dumfries and Galloway, 2011), all of the current policies are available at sonas based in Annan, Dumfries and Galloway. If anyone has any queries the friendly staff members are there to help, and support to allow an overall health gain. SONAS has a library in which anyone can use to research any health information, and access to all the resources needed to have a healthy life (NHS, Dumfries and Galloway, 2012). Within Dumfries and Galloway and Scotland primary care services such as GP?s will be able to help with weight problems. ...read more.


Martin, T. (2011) Why people gain weight when stopping smoking. [Online] Available: http://quitsmoking.about.com/od/weightgain/a/weightgainquit.htm [Accessed: 27th March 2012]. NHS Scotland (2010) Health Improvement HEAT Targets. [Online] Available: http://www.nhsdg.scot.nhs.uk/dumfries/files/HEAT%20Target%20Booklet.pdf [Accessed: June 26 2012]. NHS Dumfries and Galloway, (2012) Health Improvement. [Online] Available: http://www.nhsdg.scot.nhs.uk/dumfries/10460.html [Accessed: 29 March 2012]. NHS Dumfries and Galloway, (2011) Local and National health reports. [Online] Aavailable: http://www.nhsdg.scot.nhs.uk/dumfries/1665.html [Accessed: 29 March 2012]. Robson, E., Waugh, J. (2009) Medical Disorders in Pregnancy: A Manual for Midwives. Oxford: Blackwell Publishing. Scottish Government (2003) Hungry for Success: A whole school approach to school meals in Scotland. Edinburgh: Scottish Government. Scottish Government (2008) Healthy Eating, Active Living: An action plan to improve diet, increase physical activity and tackle obesity (2008-2011). [Online] Available: http://www.scotland.gov.uk/Publications/2008/06/20155902/0 [Accessed: 05 June 2012]. Scottish Government (2010) Preventing overweight and obesity in Scotland: A route map towards healthy weight, Edinburgh: Scottish Government. Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network (2010) Management of Obesity: A national clinical guideline. [Online] Available:http://www.sign.ac.uk/guidelines/fulltext/115/index.html [Accessed: 07 June 2012]. Smith, R. (2009) Teenage obesity is as bad for health as smoking: research The Telegraph. [Online] 29th February, Available: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health/children_shealth/4798369/Teenage-obesity-is-as-bad-for-health-as-smoking-research.html [Accessed: 20 June 2012]. Toschke, A., Montgomery, S., Pfeiffer, U., Von Kries, R. (2003) Early Intrauterine Exposure to Tobacco inhaled Products and Obesity. American journal of Epidemiology. [Online] Vol. 58(11), p1068-1074. Available: http://aje.oxfordjournals.org/cgi/reprint/158/11/1068 [Accessed: 10 March 2012]. Ward, M. (2012), Obesity can reduce conception chances by 50%. International Federation of Gynaecology and Obstetrics. [Online] Available: http://www.figo.org/news/obesity-can-reduce-conception-chances-50-0010061. [Accessed: 15th June 2012]. Weight Watchers (2012) (B) Find a Meeting. [Online] Available: http://www.weightwatchers.co.uk/util/mtf/location_results.aspx?&pg=0&s=ZIP&z=DG1 1UT&t=7&d=1,2,3,4,5,6,7&mt= [Accessed: 2 April 2012]. Weight Watchers (2012) (C) About us. [Online] Available: www. Weightwatchers.co.uk/about/index. [Accessed: 30 March 2012]. World Health Organisation (2011), Obesity and Overweight factsheet number 311. [Online] Available: http://www.who.int/mediiacentre/factsheets/fs311/en/ [Accessed: 17th March 2012]. ...read more.

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