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Principles of Nursing. For the purposes of this assignment I have chosen Principal A, it is about treating people with dignity, humanity, equality and diversity.

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´╗┐Principle of Nursing Practice Assignment (500 words) ________________ For the purposes of this assignment I have chosen Principal A, it is about treating people with dignity, humanity, equality and diversity. In accordance with the (NMC CODE 2015) for confidentiality, the patient?s name will be X.I will give an insight to a patient X who had COPD, and the effects of using the above Principal. I will conclude by my reflection on this placement. Patient X had been diagnosed with Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) He was 92 an ex-smoker. This disease is terminal according to ( Garcia-Aymerich 2001). ...read more.


He is trying to speak but it is not audible. I notify the Nurse in Charge who accelerated the deterioration of the patient according to (Odel M 2010) .The senior doctor who has been called in and washes his hands, (National Patient Safety Agency). Although Patient X is not aware of his surroundings the curtains are drawn this is done to make sure his is treated with humanity as noted in Principal A(NMC 2015) and keeping his dignity according to (NMC 2015 ) during the assessment to perform the chest suction. ...read more.


During this time I had learning opportunities to manage complex aspects of patient care. Overall I have learnt and achieved lot from my placement, including observing the chest suction. However, I felt I need to practise more and to have experience to expand my clinical skills.In the meantime after the doctor and nurse had left, I was asking myself questions, was it vicious, maybe painful, but it had to be done. He is breathing was no longer symptomatic. I stay by his bedside making sure he was well covered. Reference List Michael Calanan. (16/08/2005). views on diginity in providing health for older people. Nursing TIMES.Volume:101.Issue,33.p 38 The Code NMC and Midwifery Council: Nursing and Midwifery Council (16/08/2005). The Code. Portland Place: Nursing & Midwifery Regulator. 4-5. ...read more.

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